Corporations dislike new players being haulers?

I tried forums, in game corps recruitment, and it seems that people don’t want new players being haulers.

It’s too easy to start up a new character, volunteer some hauling services, and just end up stealing away goods and products from an alliance.

On top of that, even if you were to offer a legitimate hauling service, many corporations (at least those that are worth their salt) will set up a collateral fee that you’ll need to put up in the case that you fail to completely the delivery, and new players will rare have enough ISK to cover those collateral fees.

And finally, new players are generally very bad at the game when it comes to being safe and keeping cargo secure. They’ll resort to max cargoexpanded, no tank Iterons that are very vulnerable to getting ganked. So it’s risky for any corporation to even bother with.

and finally finally even those max cargo iterons wont be able to move volumes required for needs of a decent corp.

So I should give up on my dream to become a hauler?

No. You just need to realize that you’re probably not going to get corporations to take you up on your services until you’ve established yourself and shown that you’re trustworthy.

You could try joining up with one of the many hauling corporations around New Eden, ask them for guidance on how to get started with hauling. Then one you’ve gained enough experience and trained the requisite skills, look to join a corporation and offer internal hauling services.


As many other mentioned.

Corps/Alliances tend to look at their more trusted players to move things. Even then it is in a form of freighters/bowheads or fast cloaky techII transport ships that is just about uncatchable with the cloaky mwd trick.

As a new player you are valuable in others aspects. Get to know the people, look for the gaps in the corp and how you can fill it. You might find yourself as a newbro miner (which sounds like death) or quick tackle for the fleets or gangs. Never underestimate the contribution you can make to a larger entity. But some things take trust unfortunately. in corp hauling is one of them.

I mean I have a dedicated alt that has a duel role as mover/scout for me. And even then it is in a 600k EHP Bowhead when he is not in his cloaky scanner. I will never allow anybody to move my ships for me.

You can always haul for NPC corporations. :wink:

We like them !

Move those scam contracts around hisec. many people still don’t know you can drop your cargo even if you can’t dock.

Also, “haulers channel”. In game chat channel.

Join the “Haulers Channel” in game and you can accept contracts from there.

There are all different sizes of contracts available and it’s a good way to get into hauling.

Nobody cares.

Just do what you enjoy.

If you focus on the in-game trolls you are basically giving your account away for free.

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