Looking for a Hauling Corp [Alpha Clone]

Hi. I was wondering if there were any hauling corps or low/null sec corps looking for a hauler. I do have experience hauling, although I’m currently an Alpha clone so I don’t have any access to freighters, jump freighters, etc. I hope that won’t be a problem though.

HI Aaron,

I’m not sure that there are high sec hauling corporations. For one thing, it would be easy for the bankers just to declare war on the corporation. No need to gank. Most high sec haulers stay in the NPC corporation so they can’t be war decced.

To make money as a high sec hauler, as an Alpha clone, you are going to have to do some Arbitrage and speculative hauling, as well as station trading. Find out where stuff sells for cheap, pick it up and sell it for more. Combine this with some hauling missions and contracts.

Skill books and implants can be resold at a high margin, and transported in fast ships with small cargo holds.

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