Coming back to the game

So I’m coming back to the game after a pretty long pause and I’m establishing a trader/hauler/miner/industry corp with a focus on alphas and newcomers.

We’ll be active in high sec Amarr and around the place, doing mining ops and industry for the most part but we will do some hauling as well ( or space trucking cuz it sounds fancier XD).

Of course, anyone is welcome, veterans, alphas, omegas!

Hope to see y’all soon and fly safely <3

One more thing, if there are people who need hauling in high/low sec 1.0-0.6 please do let me know and we can strike a deal. I’ll be doing this in order to maybe stash some cash for the newcomers

In game corp - Apex Transport Co
In game name - Paul Schmidtt

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