Returning Player

Looking for a null sec home where i can carrier rat and do some industry stuff. Cap pilot and have a 2nd account also. Been out for 5 years so it’ll take me a minute to get my legs back.

Good afternoon bud! First of all, congrats on getting back into the game! I want to go ahead and warn you that was have some very RECENT cyno changes. So carriers are less safe atm than they have ever been. That being said, I would love to talk to you about what you want out of the game right now.

This is our recruitment discord:

I also have a recruitment post up, check it out for information on what we offer! Also, we have a pretty decent industry guy in charge right now. I can vouch for the guy. He can teach you how to do many things, and we are located in a relatively safer area that still allows to get our stuff to market safely.

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