Returning 200m sp Pilot Looking for a new home

Hi everyone reading this post.

As the Title suggests im a returning pilot thats been out of the game for some time.

Quite experienced In many aspects of the game Including 0.0 Wormhole and Highsec life.

Im Currently back logging into the game on alpha clone after giving away all my stuff when i left so im looking for a new home that s gunna help me get back on my feet with ease.

Its not easy to go int exact details yet as im unsure as to what i would like to go for in the next chapter of my eve life. But feel free to tell me about what you are about and what you can have in store for me.

Id like to see messages in game as opposed to here so feel free to message me there - it will generally get more of my time spent reading them.

Thanks Zak

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Hi Zak
In game mail sent.

will send ingame mail soon, or start a convo if you are on.

evemail sent

Hey @Zaknafien,

Have eve-mailed you in game.

All the best,


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