YAPLZ Null Corp Recruiting Carebears


We here at How bout no(YAPLZ) strive to bring the best possible conditions for carebears. We are a null corp that rents several systems including dead-end systems. We are currently trying to recruit as many people as possible to justify renting more systems. We are currently in dire need for salvagers. What we offer;

  • Ore Buyback
  • Corp JF services to an from Jita and to Sotiyo system(150 isk per m3)
  • Rorq Boosties
  • Full T2 capital production in-house
  • Newbro Training
  • Vet Retraining
  • Spreadsheets for days
  • Multi Time Zone

We are a renter corp so we do charge money, but the way we do that is a bit weird.

Alphas - Are always free, we do ask that you sell us any items you get that you sell to us for 90% Jita buy

Omega - If you are a ratting alt(which we would love to have ratting alts from people all over New Eden) it is just our tax rate of 10%. For miners, we ask that you sell us your ore or donate 10% of your ore to the corp. Renter corps aren’t good for explorers, so I don’t suggest it. Salvagers and everything else, we just ask that you sell us all your goodies at 75% Jita buy.

What we Require

  • Full API Key

For us, real life comes first and always will. We want to enjoy playing a video game that we pay for, and are trying to let more and more people do the same. That being said, if you play for 2 hours a week or 40+ hours a week we don’t care, so long as you are enjoying the game.

Feel free to pop an alt or two of yours into the corp to make some extra isk on the side :slight_smile:

Discord - https://discord.gg/YGVZ4C7

We do enjoy drinking while playing :wink:

How do you know how much someone has played?

If it’s a pre-agreement, can’t the person just down play how many hours they play to reduce how much they get charged?

yes and no.

If they are a ratter we can see all their ticks and figure it out that way. mining takes a bit more math to figure out based on how much m3 someone can do per hour, and what percentage the index changes, along with using the last seen online.


Do you find this works better than setting a % tax then?

For ratters, this would result in a simple deduction from their ticks. But for miners you’d simply pay them a % reduction from the corp-buy back scheme. Even if they didn’t want to sell back to the corp and use their minerals to make items for sale in the local area, this would be beneficial to the local economy.

Don’t get me wrong - totally not trying to knock your business model - i’m just finding it interesting how on different corps work.

for ratters, the amount of tax income they get goes towards the usual monthly payment. if they don’t pay enough in taxes to cover the payment then they pay the balance. if they give more tax than the payment then we pay them whatever the extra isk is.

We still have a tax just in case someone decides to try and take advantage of us.

Nah man your good, I enjoy conversations:slight_smile:

Hi, i am in the same alliance as you, in Tenal Area. My internet Connection is Very bad lately and i cant do many things in my own space, then i go to stop renting a system myself. Interested in joining a WERMT Corp, i am miner mostly, and already sold my other characters for the internet problems.

What region are u located ?

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I or someone in the corp will send you an eve mail.

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Interested, have someone contact me please.

Bumpy bumpy

Still looking for some more players that enjoy drinking and gaming :slight_smile:

Still got some drinks left to share :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open, got a few more spots.

We do offer nap time :sleeping:

Just made a massive edit on the post :slight_smile:

Still looking for some amazing new drinking buddies, i mean gaming buddies.

Would love to have some AFK ratting alts in the corp.

AFK Rorq alts would be nice as well :slight_smile:

We got moons!

Sent you in-game mail

Still recruiting :slight_smile: just got another system :slight_smile: