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How About No(YAPLZ) is currently recruiting all players!

We are a renter corp that has no monthly fee, we rent several systems and have access to ice belts(yes belts). We are looking for miners from all time zones and all experience levels, even if you have never been to null we will teach you the ropes and help you make a lot more isk than in HS. As far as ratting goes we now have plenty of space, guristas rats with a 10% tax rate.

What we offer;
JF services(750/m3)
Corp buyback(ore, pi, loot etc.)
Citadels with T2 rigs(cap construction, refine)
Plenty of rocks and rats

No need for monthly fleets or as I mentioned earlier or a monthly payment!

Please mail me in game or convo if any questions, we also have a discord

We now require an interview to be done over comms so you will need a working mic to join.

Old returner looking for pve corp
New old player LF 0.0 only
2 guys +20 accounts looking for a miner corp with moons
Returning pilot looking to have fun
64mil sp returning pilot looking for Corp
New-ish Gallente Looking For Mining & Industry Corp
Porpoise pilot looking for a new home
102m looking for null Indy corp
Casual player looking for corp
New player - Looking for some industry friends
Returning/New player looking for Corp
Experienced player looking for a growing corp
Carrier pilot looking for nullsec corp ratting/industry
Looking for Corp PVE only to start
Returning player looking for a new home
LF Low/Null Sec Indy Corp
Returning player looking for a home
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Still looking for some miners!

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Ore nom nom nom

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Still looking

(Ir0nTiger) #6

opened recruiting for ratters as well :slight_smile:

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still looking

(Ir0nTiger) #9

doors are still open

(Ir0nTiger) #10

still looking

(Ir0nTiger) #11

bump, been a while but we now have more space, we now require an interview via discord so you will need a mic. we will require this until we get something in place to replace API checks.

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Now with the ESI knife system working nicely we are recruiting again!

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Still looking

(Ir0nTiger) #14

Still looking. Also willing to completely consume other corporations. Please mail me for more info :wink:

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Bump, we still have a few slots left in every TZ!!!

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looking for some more pplz

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(Ir0nTiger) #18

Bump, still need some more Coolio ppl

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