Nullsec Corp Recruiting Members - We Have Cookies!

Hey there we are a growing corp with a group of experienced players.

We have been in null for 6 months and have become established as a corp and self sufficient, we are currently renting within WINGS alliance and have use of 2 systems our ultimate goal is same as any other get to a point where we can hold our own sov to do this we must become strong and want like minded pilots!

We are corp with strong indy roots, this is not to be mistaken we do have teeth and will go out and PEW! And we do get kills!

We have many things to offer:

  • Freedom to do what you want, with the corporation helping you to reach your goals!
  • Real Life comes first attitude
  • Boosted Mining
  • Miners can earn between 100m - 2B isk per week in -0.3 - -0.5 space with access to great null ore
  • A willingness to help you learn in eve
  • Angel Combat Sites & great ratting
  • A working ore, loot & Pi buyback program.
  • Regular Ops and fleets
  • Numerous Manufacturing and reprocessing citadels.
  • You wont be just a number here!
  • SRP on corp roams on doctrine fits which are provided @ jita buy+5%
  • NBSI Space
  • Also we have fancy discord bots and cookies!

What we are looking for:

People who like to set their barges down and go and have a fight!!

Please have a full API Key ready

Any question please either mail myself in game or join channel “AG Recruitment”

Bumping still got cookies to give out!


Bump come for a chat in our recruitment channel!

still recruiting!!

Good bunch of guys and now where they are going, grow stronger every week.