NullSec Corp Looking for Miners and Ratters


(Kingkev4555 Solette) #1

Welcome to Out Of Alignment Recruitment!!!

Our focus is to make EVE fun to play.
We do not force our members to do anything they don’t want to. There are no Doctrines that you have to train. We want you to fly the ship that you want. Leadership does the hard work so you can have fun.

Recruitment: Open

We Offer:
-> Newbro Friendly
-> 3 Systems in Null sec
-> Protected by one of the biggest Alliances
-> PVE with training on how to make 60mill plus
every 20 mins
-> 10/10’s with fits to make it easy
-> Ice and Ore Mining
-> Home Defense fun
-> Moon Mining
-> Very Active members
-> Capital and Super Capital Production
-> Access to fun PVP Fleets
-> PVP Roams
-> Laid back Play Style
-> Discord

If you are with a high sec corp and would like your corp to join us please contact Kingkev4555

If you would like to talk in person our Discord channel for recruitment is Out Of Alignment.

Thank you for considering us.

Returning player looking for mining group in low or null sec
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Rorq pilot looking for SOV home
US Player (GMT -8) Looking for PvP/PvE
40M SP Fairly New to game looking for corp
Industrialist with numerous accounts looking for home non drones
(system) #2

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