Want to join a null sec mining and industry corp

I love to PVP, but it has been a long time. I am coming back to EVE and just want to chill and mine/PVE. I will gladly come to a fight! Please let me know if you are interested

Hi mate. I would be interested to have a chat with you. I have a project i am working on and this might be something for you since you love to pvp but just want to chill and do pve/mining.
Write your own story - Join a world building project to make a faction #PvE #Industrial #Faction Warfare #Piracy #Politics # Roleplay #High/Low/00/WH Sec #Faction missions # Citizenry #Social structure #Deathrace my idea covers most stuff in terms of content. Let me know if you would like to have chat.

You are Welcome With us

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