Returning player with a bunch of alts in my own corp, looking to

I am a one-man corp. There are 21 alts in total, most of them are for PI and have exactly the 3.x mill skill points needed to do that well. I also have four alts who fly exhumers, and one who flies an Orca (soon to be a Rorqual) for mining. Several can fly jump freighters. And finally, I have one spec’d for manufacturing. I am absolutely a carebear. I cannot fight for crap. (Not to bring up a flaw, but so many of the people I talk to find that a hurdle, so I figure I’d get it out of the way.)

I built all of this because I love building structures. To pay the bills, I also build ships and modules and all that stuff. I have some blueprints, and most reactions. What I’m looking for is a smaller alliance who wants more structures, more ships, more stuff.

I mine. I lead mining fleets, and I don’t mind other people benefitting from whatever boosts they get from me. And I have a moon laser, so I can even get at the rare ores. (Given time, I can obviously make more.)

So, if you’re a smaller alliance looking for some more indy, more structures, and an American living in Europe, please hit me up. I’m friendly. I think I’m funny (your mileage may differ). I tend to start by making sure the doctrine ships that are handed out by the corp / alliance are always in stock, then i expand from there.

I’m looking for a safe place to do that, with enough people around to generally protect me, plus good conversation while we grind the ore necessary to make all the things.

Good day,

I’d like to talk with you to see if we could be a potential fit for you. We are a fairly new corp but we are growing fairly quickly and we got a solid core that understand carebears and protection. We got a good space in nullsec that is relatively quiet and can teach people lots.

If you want to know more, either reach out to me ingame or join our discord: Hyper Meme Industries

Thanks in advance!

We are looking for more casual players that are interested in playing the game and having fun. We have several vets and a few new bros as a core group. Currently living in a very quiet dead end system in HS and also have a c4. (great PI) we spend most of our days either WH or HS mining with missions and abyssal thrown in there for fun… PVP is not a focus but its always there. We just started our new corp Pints & prospectors {URHOL} and would love for you to stop buy our public chat PR-UN and say Hi
Hope to hear from You

hello we are a smaller corp thats growing, we are part of the imperium in catch querious. join our discord and chat to see if we are a fit for you

Hey man would love to talk to ya

We are a us tz pvp corp with active fcs squad in corp that run our alliance us tz operations. We have one of the best buy backs in game and awesome logistics.

Having a useful alt is mandatory with an emphasis on dredd alts.

We also have great amount of moons and plenty of miners with teeth

In game channel “keebler moon elves”

Joeyscirocco#9522 - discord

…Were recruiting if ur looking for active social pvp group, always nicer to be able to fly with a group! Ofc we do bips and bops of c5ratting/industry to pay for our pvp habbits!

The untraceable - M A R A K U G A Alliance

MKUGA Discord: Discord

Looks like you have quite the chive to make. Everyone vying for your attention.

So here’s my pitch.

Our corp need players exactly like you. We’re industry based although we do have a few PVP players. We’re part of Brave Collective alliance and we have our own sov space. There are plenty of things to mine locally with three ice belts in easy reach and within about three or four jumps of our main play area. We run three moons, each with weekly pops.

Most importantly we want builders like yourself who can create what corp and alliance needs in order to efficiently operate.

If you’re up to the task and want to be a part of something follow the rabbit hole….

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