RetVet ShyBear looking for Null corp

Hey all;.

---- HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Patch went live. I’m unsubbing.

– Back on the hunt –

Returning Indy / Miner looking for a null corp to join where my mining and manufacturing can benefit more than just my wallet.

About me:
I’m what I call a ShyBear - all connotations aside, I’m quiet, anxious, and shy. I generally don’t chat, I don’t have a mic, but I will lurk in game chats and say weird funny things when the mood strikes me. (Note, this does mean I will not be in out of game chat clients unless it’s for a specific op 99% of the time). I’m also a massive carebear - I’m not in eve for the pew, I’m in it to make the things others use to go pew.

I love to be helpful - a real kicker with the above, but I do. If there’s a “minerals in demand” or a “desired production”, or some kind of “make our doctrine ships for us and we’ll buy them” I’m 100% in. I’m also likely to drop little answers for info I know in chats when I see questions I can help with.

AUTZ but the hours I actually keep are often a few hours earlier than AU prime time.

I’ve done the multiple accounts thing in the past, but A) I’m not in the position to drop multiple subs atm, and B) having an orca and three of your own barges in a belt just for isk is a bit sad. I’d love to go somewhere with actual mining fleet ops! Maybe justify my Orca toon.

Wormholes - I was messaged by a WH corp while I was going through a proccess with another corp that failed and, having had time to think on it, they don’t terribly interest me. With Null I can point to a Sov section, or fleet battles my products have helped in and say “I was a part of supplying that”, with a hole it’s just… even lonelier than a solo belt? I’m open to having my mind changed, but I don’t see it.

If there’s a spot in your corp / alliance (I can bring my own corp of just my alts, if that’s easier), let me know.

Thanks everyone,

Hope you find a spot dude.

It didn’t pan out - haven’t been active enough long enough to get in. So I’m back to looking!

I… didn’t expect it to be this unlikely, but in hindsight… well, it’s a bit like trying to rent a house in QLD at the moment - depressingly harder than expected.

It is exactly to be expected heh. Always has been. Have had multiple corps/alliance demand work contact numbers and other things for stratops etc.

Try and look for a corp in game called FAYN Industries or similar run by a guy named PJ Hustle. Was one of the few null experienced corps without all this drama. Think they are in ORE space last I saw.

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