[US][Null Sec] The Scare Bears [Industry Focused] Looking for Pilots

We are Industrialists operating in Nullsec with the Intrepid Crossing Alliance. We do industry, PvE content, home defense and small gang PvPing, or plan to as our member count grows. We’re looking for pilots wanting to make some isk, willing to learn and who are willing to defend alliance space when the need arises.

We are currently a small corp but we’re looking for more like minded individuals to swell our ranks.

Our alliance has good infrastructure in place, offer a SRP for doctrine ships and are very friendly.

We are new pilot friendly, but are looking for mature no-drama capsuleers. We’re willing to do what’s within our power to help get you setup.

We operate a Discord server, as well as being on alliance TS3 comms. Being able to at least listen on voice comms during home defense or other ops is required.

In game contacts: Steihl Lianul, Felarrond Heartthief, Kaed Airuta and Kayd Thiesan.

Discord: n00b Games

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