Straight Jacket Bears Null Alliance is recruiting


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Straight Jacket Bears Alliance is currently looking to recruit small to medium sized corps to bolster our pvp capability. Ideally we are looking for smallish corps who have a good core of mates flying together and the willingness to gradually recruit and increase in both size and capability. We operate a fun, friendly, mature atmosphere and focus on skilled individuals that can also work well in a team environment.

Current area of operations/sov: Scalding Pass/Great Wildlands

What we can provide you and your corporation?

  • SRP (ship replacement policy).
  • Experienced FC and leadership.
  • PVP active alliance.
  • Safe environment to make isk (when not killing stuff).
  • Relaxed and approachable leadership.
  • FCing opportunities
  • Alliance buy back program for loot, ore and salvage
  • Alliance Jump Freighter service
    • much more!

What we require of you and your corporation?

  • Voice comms active (We believe that regular voice communications between our members strengthens the bond and cohesion of our corporations + and in turn benefits the whole alliance).
  • Corporation size of 15+
  • Full api for our Auth services which provides discord and voice comms.

If your interested contact Tru Dark in game channel Straight Jacket Bears or on our discord

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Stilling looking for more corps!!!

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Bump. Come join a great group of dudes. It’s gonna be an exciting time!

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