Looking for hauling/freight focused corporation

(John Andreus) #1

Hey everyone, I’m currently looking to join a hauling corporation. I don’t have any experience in hauling, but I can fly Freighters and T2 haulers. I would like to learn the ropes and slowly advance in the ranks. If you’re recruiting please let me know, thanks.

(Elathy Maricadie) #2

@John_Andreus “Red Frog” may be able to teach your a few things, you can read more here: http://red-frog.org/recruit.php
I’m not part of Red-Frog, I’m just familiar with them. You can can also look around the forums for Hauling/Transport services in this section you could try pm ones of those Corporations and ask if they are looking for new players :smile:

(system) #3

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