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Hi! I plan on putting a series of high sec courier contracts up to move PI stuff. What is a “fair price” and size requirement per jump? I.e if it is 1000-2000 is X isk per jump appropriate? Etc. Just a few guidelines so I know what I should offer.

you could just contract a courier like PushX or Red Frog. I personally use PushX and they are pretty fair on pricing and quick on deliveries.

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Yeah, I did their calculation and for the amount of product I have (low volume) it isn’t really worth it. The cost is the same for 3000 m3 and 12,000 m3, so my question was more about “smaller” jobs and fair prices. :slight_smile:

its because the don’t use small ships. so the smallest ship they use is probably 12,500 m3 of cargo space…

Right. That was my point and why I’m asking about what fair prices are for lower volume.

Small things, that are worth paying to move, are probably valuable, so likely have high collateral. Ask your self, if you had to move something and take a 1 billion ISK risk to move 10 jumps, how much would you want to be paid to do that?

Industry standard is 1M ISK per jump in hisec, atleast in Haulers Channel, but depending on a lot of things, it might be possible to get away with much lower. 1000-2000m3 is in the realm of Sunesis/Hecate or Blockade Runners, which are pretty fast. I’d say it depends a lot on the collateral and route.

For PI I imagine the collateral (item value) is very low (tens or hundreds of millions of ISK maybe?), which won’t add to price. What system is your PI stuff in? Cuz if its on a well-travelled route or close to a trade hub, that’ll get moved much cheaper and faster than if it’s in the middle of nowhere

Yeah, it’ll be for “medium value?” PI stuff. 2000 m3 worth 50m-ish. 1m per jump in high-sec is the sort of estimate I’m trying to find. I don’t want to try to screw anyone over (including myself).

Your thought that 3000m3 should be cheaper than 12000m3 is slightly flawed. It takes me the exact same amount of time and effort to move 3k as it does 12k, which is why the prices that Red-Frog or PushX give don’t change for those small amounts.

If you put a courier contract up for 1mil per jump, it will almost always move eventually. How quickly you want it to move should determine what reward you put on it.

When you get into those low volume, low collateral things, you get into an area that is a little iffy…because although a couple hundred thousand ISK might sound fair, it isn’t worth a serious haulers time to bother with it.

End result…throw the contract up for a few hundred thousand per jump and see if it moves. If it does, you know it’s a good price, if it doesn’t, you know you need to pay more.


I tend to use public contracts, I pay about 1.5% of evepraisal sell price as reward and make the collateral 110% of the sell price too, that tends to work for me, I do 1 week to pick up 1 day to deliver.

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