Ballpark Rates for Low Sec Hauling

What’s the going rate for a 62.5K mm Package from low sec to Dodixie?

For a

  • 7 Jump Delivery
  • 10 Jump Delivery
  • 30 Jump Delivery

The answer obviously depends on the collateral. Fortunately there is a third party calculator to figure this out…

Haulers Channel - Base Rate Calculator (

Except I’m sure it’s wrong. If you enter low collateral packages (like… a Station Vault Container) it will give something like 1.5 mill ISK/Jump. And lots of people told me it’s going to be a miracle to get anyone to accept less than 3.1 mill ISK? Jump from a low sec station. Even the guy who made the calculator admitted low sec hauling changed since he made it and it was outdated for that.

What would be a rate that would attract haulers? I think the rate would probably be something like

A + B* Jumps + C* Jumps * Collateral

With A being a flat rate that’s the minimum needed to get anyone to go into low sec

B being a minimum rate per jump.

Any maybe C being something collateral dependent.

I know it can’t be 100% collateral dependent since no one is going to haul a huge package of frozen corpses for a measly 0.3 mill/ Jump.

Of course I don’t know the hauling business that well, so I’m just throwing this out here.

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Low value contracts will always be an issue to move into and around low sec because the reward will easily outdo the item value. Reason for that is that risk does not care about what you transport. It only cares about that you transport something and there it’s the same, whether you transport corpses worth 0 isk or blueprints worth trillions. On top of that come additional expenses like fuel and cynos if you need to use a Jump Freighter, and most important of all: time.

2M/jump/billion collateral is a good starting point to get better rewards but it’s by no means the end all silverbullet. Especially with short trips or very high collaterals, that rule of thumb breaks down completely. The rates from popular hauling services like Red/Black Frog, Push, GHSOL et al. provide a good indicators to what a good reward can look like.

They actually don’t have a cheaper rate if you fall into a DST package, they just charge JF rates. However, I’m sure there is a market for this thing since I do see some activity in low sec with hauling (or maybe people are moving empty DSTs around… I sometimes watch them appear on D-scan and can’t see what’s in them on D-scan and when I’m on a gate in a corvette with a cargo and ship scanner trying to see people’s PVP fits, the DSTs tend not to come through at all)

Which makes sense because, as said, the risk is the same or even greater for the DSTs. There is no reason for them to ask for lower rewards just because the package fits into a smaller ship. instantly compares the rates for the specific route your cargo is going for all of the courier services mentioned above. Results are ordered from cheapest to most expensive…any guesses who ends up on the top row every time? GHSOL if your cargo involves low sec!

Part of the reason for GHSOL ends up being the obvious choice for low sec is none of the above offer true DST rates for low sec anymore. One of them seem to…because their rates are so complicated and confusing. But today all they really do is quote you a jump freighter rate which is far far higher than what they use to charge back when they allowed their DST pilots to venture into low sec.

Just for the record, GHSOL is a simple flat rate low sec courier service, and we’ve only ever used jump freighters for the 8+ years we’ve been running.

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Eh, but my old CEO could get stuff cheaper than blockade runner rates (a 12.5% discount) when they squeezed into a Hecate that didn’t use cargo expanders. And a hecate can’t use the cloaky

I haul for free.

It’s fun, just contract me the items and I will move them.

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