Jump drive to escape gank

have never used any capital ship before, how does jump drive work? if I am ganked in the middle can I use jump drive and teleport to another map to escape gank?

If you can warp, then you can jump. That means if you’re in a bubble, or you’re being warp disrupted then you can’t jump. But if you’re being bumped by a machariel in your jump freighter, then you can escape a suicide gank so that’s really useful


if im inside bubble then i cant jump? thanks for ans

I will also note that only 2 jump capable ships can enter high-sec (1.0 to 0.5) space:

  • Black Ops (see: Tech 2 “covert” Battleships)
  • Jump Freighters (see: Tech 2 Freighters)

In high-sec space, no one needs to worry about warp disruption bubbles. Those can only be set up in 0.0 to -1.0 space (see: Null-sec and Wormhole space).


Another thing to note: In order to jump, the jump-capable ship needs a cynosural field (or a covert cyno for Black-ops) in the destination system.
A cyno can only be lit by another (online) player, in the same fleet, in a ship equipped with such a module.

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Correct. Anything that stops you from activating your warp drive will stop you from jumping as well.

Also note that in order to use the jump drive, there has to be an active cynosural field at the target location. You can’t simply jump anywhere, anytime.

can i create alt used for cyno jump, cyno alt?

cyno alt good for offensive or defense? can I use cyno alt with cloak go behind enemy then light cyno and bring 10-20 capitals into the gank?

is there any defensive use for cyno/jump drive?

Yes to all.

Cyno alts are so common that there is a belief that one must have one before getting a jump-capable ship.
While not necessarily true (because all you need are good, trustworthy friends), it is good to have options. Especially if you plan to run mostly solo and/or keep unusual hours.

I will add that ships that light a cyno beacon do suffer a penalty; they cannot dock, jump stargates, or move around for 10 minutes once the cyno is active (they can shoot, active modules, and do everything else though).
This effectively makes the cyno ship a sitting duck and is why most cyno-ships tend to be… cheap.

I will also add that most jump-capable ships tend to not function well on their own (capitals in particular).
There is a saying among capital pilots; “If you see a solo capital ship, it is either bait or an idiot.”


I Will add that if you belong to a null sec alliance, and want to jump to a blue system, you can also jump to a “beacon”, not necessarily a cyno lit bu an alt or a friend.

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Ah, so if you find a Heron not moving in Null for several minutes, chances are good to witness some spectacular blob?
And what happens if you kill the Heron after the pilot lit the cyno, but before the capital(s) arrive?

Regular cynosural fields are visible in the overview and on grid. So if you’re flying up to a Heron that’s sitting still, it’ll be pretty damn obvious if they’re lighting a cyno.

If the cyno-ship is destroyed, the cyno field disappears. In fleet fights, this can be used to prevent reinforcements from jumping in.

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To expand on this, once a ship lights a cyno everyone in the star system can see it. If I remember correctly, I believe people can warp to it as well.

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