Critical Issue with Cynosaural Field Jumping - 2021/02/17

We are aware of an issue with capital ships wherein a ship that attempts to jump to a cyno will use capacitor and local will update but the ship does not appropriately change location.

A fix is being readied - please be aware that applying the fix for this issue will likely require an emergency restart of Tranquility. We will provide notice before the restart occurs.

More details will be given here and on the official EVE Status twitter account as they become available.

Update 12:44 GMT: A hotfix has been developed which will not require a restart of Tranquility to be deployed. We will keep you updated on when the fix is ready to go live.

Update 13:38 GMT: Hotfix build is nearly completed and should be ready to deploy around 14:15.

Update 14:03 GMT: Hotfix has been deployed. Please close out and restart your launcher and clients to receive the fix.



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Can you fix the audio when another capital jumps to a cyno too. (You can only hear it now if you look at the ship directly as it jumps out)

Bug report ID: EBR-214523

got used to

Does this include those stuck in M2-XFE? :slight_smile:



Asking for a friend…

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Eve has sound?

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What about the RED dot!


I ran into this problem with slightly different symptoms:

When you are being portalled (by BLOPS in my case), you indeed move to the new system but overview is as like you are in old system - you see ships, structures etc from the old system. Cyno in new system sees you correctly arrived.

After attempting to warp somewhere game crashes, when you relogin - you are correctly in the new system.

Same here… Destination system partially loads.

Did someone try to remove the POS code again? Or was this because you tried adding the asteroid belts back in to Provi, which doesn’t go without appreciation for the effort, mind you.


did uh… you fire your QC department to hire more skin artists?



Do CCP not know about regression testing? Like seriously this is just embarassing.


Do you guys keep towels by the computers in CCP to mop up the drool after writing this code?


Love ya CCP… forgiven

implement a feature no one wanted
break a perfectly good working system in the process
love it


yep… did the same thing… logged of and was in the system i wanted to be. However in flight so could have been bubbled if it all would go wrong…