Solitude Experience

Wanna see how one player+alts can turn many noobs away from the game while profiting all the way?

This person is making enough to plex multiple accounts easily. I had 5 friends join and then quit after being relentlessly farmed by them in high sec.

Why is Null sec safer than High Security? I picked Solitude as a place to base as I thought I might enjoy some… solitude.

I dont understand what made you go there if you didnt expect that?

They make it sound like its far enough from the “■■■■” but it apparently only takes 1 player+ alts to make the game incredibly difficult for any new player to do anything that requires undocking.

Were you with EvE-UNI?

I mean, its a fairly wild west place out there.

Probably checking Dotlan and even the in game map would tell you a lot about a place.

I operate around Boystin sometimes, it’s no better or worse than anywhere else. Set up your standings, keep an eye on local at all times, use dscan. That applies everywhere.

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Anytime someone makes a location public like that, and then proclaims how profitable is can be, someone will find it and use it to hunt unsuspecting victims. I’m not sure why you didn’t expect that to happen.

This statement makes it sound as if the characters you have listed in your post have specifically targeted your friends.

Are you saying these characters specifically hunted your friends until your five friends quit?

Is this the accusation you are making?

You started in January, presumably your friends started after you did.
(Please correct me, if I’m making a false assumption as to their start dates.) Specifically harassing new players can be a bannable offense. How many times were your friends blown up by this player(s)? And did this player(s) follow your friends? By that I mean, did your friends try moving several systems away and did their persecutor(s) follow them and continue ganking them?

CCP takes a dim view of new player “harassment”, and will act on it if the situation is reported to them.

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I don’t get the point of this thread. You are talking about LOWSEC here, right?

:red_circle: Sucks for you but thank you for posting some experiences about just how easy ganking is. It will help to disspell claims saying otherwise. :slight_smile:

My friends tried mining. Oops suicide ganked by catalysts.

They then tried combat anoms, oops suicide ganked by caracals.

Same person controlling every account. My friends tried to establish themselves in a quietest of area of high sec space we could find and got shut down by a single player.

It’s a hisec pocket, Boystin is where the EveUni campus is located. It’s actually a relatively quiet area but of course like everywhere else there are local pirates.

So as you are in EveUni, have you talked to whoever is in charge of the campus about collective defence? Or how to adapt to the situation?

Did everyone have permits?

and don’t forget travel permits
and its a high sec island , so , maybe a nautical transport permit

Solitude has the reputation for being a haven for bot-aspirant behavior. I am happy to see that somebody is working to correct that situation.

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Because players work defence together in null. If you were doing the same in hisec you’d be pretty safe too.

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We are essentially on his home turf too in high sec. Nobody has homefield advantage whereas in Null someone does on defense.

Our attacker can redock and reship at any time.

We cant gate camp to stop his ganking alts or cloaky observer accounts stop from collecting information and stalking targets.

We have little option but to stop what we are doing every time this player is online.

I looked thru several kills in boystin. Firstly, don’t use a Retriever unless u know you are safe, obviously not the case where u are (Mackinaw def a no-no). But there were even a couple of Procs and Skiffs killed, these were all yield fits. Use a Proc and learn to fit a tank, mine with other players, use local/standings and dscan.


Your friends were ganked…once? While mining? By this/these character(s)?

That makes it sound as if they were ganked once while mining.

I can’t tell from this statement, so…how many times were they ganked, while doing anoms?

Did they try moving from this area?

The same character(s), which you believe are controlled by one player (and I’m not contesting this assertion, it could very well be one player), “contested” their presence in “his space”.

So, I ask again, did they try moving? Or fighting back, in any way, at all?

You are a member of EVE Uni, did you try asking your corp mates for help?

You say their aggressor is one player, EVE Uni is very large. Did you ask for help?

Hm, just caught up reading on the thread.

Did you friends quit actually quit? Are you referring to your friends here? Or are you speaking EVE Uni here?

My IRL friends that I personally recruited and introduced to the game. Yes they all quit.