'Stop ! Criminal !'

Of all the annoying things in Eve, one of the continuously most annoying is receiving other people’s ’ you are an enemy of the state ’ type messages at gates and stations. They are an un-necessary distraction, and what’s more I’m pretty sure the intended target already knows. I’d argue the system should not be broadcasting messages that are not specifically relevant to me. I don’t care if Joe Bloggs is an enemy of Caldari space, or whatever…I can see him yellow on my overview, which is all I need to see or hear.

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Well, the powers that be (in game) would rather let everyone know that they have accumulated another enemy, rather than be actually effective in deterring said enemy. Wish CCP would put far more bite into any factions standing enforcement and penalties, so that the gaining/loss of standing actually became very important in game. As it currently is, the FacPo mainly sit in their ships eating donuts, occasionally shouting into coms at nearby transgressors. Lazy SOBs.


Well, yes…3 seconds after being told he is an enemy of Caldari space and is not allowed there, Joe Bloggs can be safely tethered and invulnerable at a station in that space. Yeah, that really makes sense.

criminals have civil rights too, you know.

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So you’re advocating for non-consensual PvE?

Use that as a warning to check d-scan.

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Criminality should be proven.

If CCP wanted us to actually care about the messages theyd let us attack them at gates and impede their travels so freely in space. If we could attack them Im sure itd make for more emergent PvP. But as it stands unless you are in faction warfare, which most are not, they are just useless messages.

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Why should you be allowed to attack another pilot who hasn’t necessarily committed a crime, and is only considered an enemy by a specific faction?


Neither does any of the corporations that are part of (and created) said “states” as they let those “low security eggers” use all facilities… just like any respectable “high standing capsuleer”! I am not a conspiracy theorist, but doesn’t that make you think the corporations of the four empires are in to the whole ‘enemy of the state’ thing? They want the capsuleers to be divided so they can raise taxes and financially enslave us! Don’t live in fear, those “low standing” capsuleers aren’t either!

I love a good conspiracy theory myself .

High Empire , unable to persue there own law enforcement and extorted to pay excessive bounty payments by CONCORD

High Empire unable to mine for there own minerals to produce there ship lines paying excessive prices to ORE for there null sec resources

High Empire cowering behind cyno jamming technology to prevent the full influx of null sec forces and suffering there gank interdiction campaigns along there main trade routes .

High Empire under the gun of Triglavian invasion relying on Edencom to save there trade routes seemingly unable to prevent the first push of there new enemy

Broke and under attack from every side how will High Empire survive ???

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If you have performed the actions to change your standings then it is hardly non-consensual is it?

If I have ticked off the Amarr Empire a lot I can’t be surprised if they want to reduce my ship to its component atoms now can I.

Yet CCP for whatever reason wants us to know that these people are criminals or wanted by the factions but hasn’t given us any means to do anything about it. I would say that being wanted by a faction, though isn’t true criminal status, is still something that could be policed by players.
I’m saying that if they want to impede others then give us the tools to do so, if not just forget the annoying messages altogether.

Maybe a sliding scale to get FW pilots to patrol inside empire spaces. The higher the security level of a system the greater the FW LP rewards are for a kill? Or outright giving a bounty system for these pilots to be hunted within faction space by the factions themselves by either FW pilots or ordinary capsuleers.

But having a warning that is basically meaningless is redundant and stupid. Especially considering the global nature of the warning.

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Every time I see that message, I have this half-second of panic that it is me who is the criminal. It never is. There is no reason it would be. But it’s like the feeling you get when you see the cop car in your rear view mirror.


Damn you progressists

Most if not all would have a list of kill rights and many would be free to activate. Send them suspect, web them scam them and allow the faction police do their thing.

Actually few do and by the time u can find they have a killright and activate it they are long gone. The time it takes to do that is on average 10 seconds while most ships align and are gone in 5 seconds. The Faction police are slow with their response times so all they have to do is warp off immediately. The odd few get caught by facpo but its not often. Hell facpo even webs you into warp first before the scram hits.

Also don’t -10 is shoot on sight anyway? Without the need to set killright?

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-5 and lower are yes. Though most dont wait on gates long enough to be shot at that stage. I know my alts that were never did.

On the other hand, some folks might like to know when a possible target is around. But it certainly could be a check box in the settings.