Insufficient warning given to players about gankers

Hello CSM,

I hope you are havin a wonderful day. There is a discussion in Features & Ideas about properly warning people about ganks when they undock. I feel the issue is so important and urgent that i want to bring it to your attention!

I am curious what the CSMs thoughts are on the issue, and in turn CCPs. It only seems fair that players get a proper warning about ganking. Have a nice day.

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I’m starting to think that Dchill is another one of Wesfahrn’ troll accounts…


A csm member did respond. Thats the only csm you will see respond. Stop spamming the forums

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Yes, in addition to Dreg Apc.


Took a while for you to realize. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:

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The CSM should come clean or be disbanded? Its not ok that only 1 is active. But lets give them some time to respond.

For the record here is a list of the current CSM

They are all active, just not here. Go to discord and you can chat with them.

Our movement would like point out the following:

  • Insufficient warning about leadership stealing your ISK via tax scamming.
  • Insufficient warning about leadership controlling your gameplay.
  • Insufficient instructions for players to create content.
  • Insufficient instructions to not auto-pilot.
  • Insufficient measures taken to counter AFK-content.
  • Insufficient discussion to make players realise we gang because you’re doing the things mentioned above.

As long as ganking is best money maker in game. We’ll gank you.
As long as ganking fills my wardrobe with clothing. We’ll gank you.
As long as ganking gives me all the ship skins. We’ll gank you.
Heck. You can even get PLEX and skill injectors/extractors via ganking.



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This forum could be as popular as discord if they introduced a soft character limit on each post.

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It seems like you’ve got hit with Caldari Mining Issue Forum-Permit Torpedo II.
I don’t know what you wrote but if you haven’t noticed, giving your opinion written as in-character (or out) typing is considered spamming and out-of-context posting. #SaveMike

We don’t need any more pop-up warnings that are just going to get ignored and turned off. Ganking is as old as the game. This is not a pressing issue by any stretch of the definition.


Actually we do get Pop-ups when we enter LS or NS for the first time, most people tick the “Do not show again” button, and forget :wink:

But maybe Aura or AIR can have a ganking and anti-ganking tutorial to make new players aware of the existence (and opportunity).

The fact the there seem to be always baits laid in the systems wiht the Career agents by people “preying” on the first-time-switch-from-green-to-yellow, shows that there is an imbalance of knowledge (same as the asymetry of information in the Markets).

Well if that doesn’t just sum you up I don’t know what would.


Well now I know to never associate with you ever…gross.


I agree in post number 11:

For illiterate and uncultured readers, this is a famous quote from a book.

Ganking is immoral and being against properly warning people that its a thing is just as bad.

No, it isn’t.


Ganking is a bigger crime than murder in this game

Eve Online murder does not exist, you have infinite clones

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