Can someone please investigate Safety? They’re becoming more than a royal pain, they’re probably an actual threat to EVE due to their goal to kick out all industrialists.

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Calm down miner. Just buy a permit


NO. Safety needs to die.

I wish I could personally ban anyone who says “Calm down, miner”.


Use the means the game provides to counter their play. Some example ideas off the top of my head:

  1. Band together with other industrialists and build up intel channels to monitor movements.
  2. Fit ships to counter their tactics.
  3. If they have a structure, spin up a corp to wardec them and make their life tough.
  4. Pay mercenaries to make their lives miserable.
  5. Use fleets for hauling and mining, doctrines able to withstand ganks.
  6. Use scouts when hauling.
  7. Use zKill to see regions where they are hot for activity (ex: Minmatar hisec space last year was mostly safe, comparatively speaking).
  8. Buy cheap Thrashers and try to duel their gank Catas, everyone has fun in the ensuing fireworks. Maybe they’ll like you more?

Trying to involve the CSM seems really weird, it isn’t meant to be “gameified” for in-game conflicts.


If you have a problem, contact @Githany_Red


I tried involving the CSM because I figured they have more authority than me.

They have the exact same amount of authority as you do. None at all. They can, if they agree, pass on your concern to CCP devs but you’re on the opposite side of the most active csm member here on the forums. I think it’s pretty safe to say Brisc Rubal is a supporter of ganking in high sec though I could be wrong.

You would be much better served spending some time figuring out how to avoid the knuckle draggers. CCP has shown no interest in stopping this play style however harmful it may be.

You might want to read about the role of the CSM:

What is the CSM?

The Council of Stellar Management is a player advocacy group, consisting of 10 members democratically elected by the players to advise and assist CCP in the continuous development of EVE Online. The CSM brings focused and structured feedback from the community to CCP and represents their views and interests.

Your post is highly likely to be interpreted by others as either:

  1. (general) “CSM, ask CCP to nerf Ganking Gamplay” style of thread, which happen with regular cadence – and were happening regularly when I was new player a decade ago (hint: ganking is not going away).
  2. (specific) “CSM, ask CCP to investigate / punish a specific player group”, which is outside the duties of the CSM.

Which is why I recommended tackling the in-game problems within the scope of the game – within the sandbox, instead of trying to “reach out” of the sandbox.

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ganking, even though im not a fan of it, is legit gameplay.
Thats why i said reach out to Githany Red. She’s leading the charge of Anti-ganking.


Ok, that’s what I’ll do. Thanks! I think moving to a different region should help, too (I hope).

This thread can be closed now, I got the answer I needed. Thanks! o7

It isn’t harmful tho. It is exactly what EVE was.

The fact that you have this outlook shows EVE is no longer the hive of scum and villainy it was once was. We deserve all the crossovers now.

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…I feel so stupid for starting a rant like that…


A much easier and more effective solution to getting ganked is to simply get up and fly away from the ganker hotspots.


It is my understanding that there have always guys like this. I guess the real question would be if they are growing in proportion to the guys who want a brutal PvP-centric game.

And to OP, don’t confuse role play or attempts to antagonize you with an actual attempt to destroy a play style. On the other hand, you are actually trying to destroy a play style and turn eve into a kinder, gentler game. From my perspective, you’re the actual threat to Eve.


I see your point and agree. EVE is supposed to be competitive and cutthroat. For me to expect to be left alone to just do my thing is silly and selfish.


Can someone please close this? I’m embarrassed that I opened it because it just devolved into me whining.

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CCP has nurtured ganking by eliminating almost every other form of highsec PVP. It used to be possible to just wardec industrialists, for example, but not anymore.


Nor can you war dec the gankers in high sec unless they have a structure. Right? That’s just dumb.