Discord as an obligation

Hello to all good capsuleers o7

I’ve been playing EVE for a whole 7 weeks ( as of this weekend ) yay! And during all that time I’ve been checking on corporations as often as I could spare the time. How many of them are there, hundreds, thousands ?
I would love to join a corporation eventually and be of some use to a cool group of capsuleers but what I’m finding are only corporations who demand Discord be used as one of the criteria to even apply.
Problem is, I can’t use Discord.
I have a headset with mic but I only use it to chat with family, some of whom live 8000 miles away from me.

I have a speech impediment, I practically have no tongue, or the stub of one, the part that goes from the back of my mouth down to my stomach.
I was injured at work twenty years ago and half my jaw was obliterated. The doctors were able to reconstruct my jaw but were unable to save my tongue.
Needless to say, my speech is barely undertandable to my immediate family and those who’ve never heard me speak couldn’t understand what I say to save their lives.

I would appreciate if someone on these forum could point me or list a few corporations that do not demand having discord as a qualifier to join.

Thanks for the help !

Fly Crazy


So while many groups mandate or essentially-mandate Discord, many of these groups do take a “text-only, except voice for when in fleets” approach. Even some of these groups might permit text in fleet chat on an as-needed basis. You’ll have more luck with those groups that favor text on Discord and use voice sparingly and are accepting of text in such fleets (especially if you make your case known to leadership in advance). You’ll be hard-pressed to find a group that is any good and doesn’t use a 3rd party comms platform of any variety, Discord or otherwise.

So I’ll never be able to join a fleet for battle ? Bummer.
I’ll do what you suggest and hopefully a corporation will accept me in their fleet if all I need to do is listen and execute.
Thanks for your help.

What about a text-to-speech program?

thats why i never do fleets
and wen i do i dont coms and text and shot neutrals
one day i shot a dude GF LOL :smiley:


There are a lot of corps out there. Yes, most will use Discord or TeamSpeak for PvP but, even then if you can just be on to hear commands is helpful even if you don’t speak. Heck even with voice comm usage, it is still surprising how much actual information is put out via text. Most don’t really require the use of voice comms for mining or PvE.

By no means let a personal limitation attempt to limit your contribution to a corp or slow down the fun you can have with Eve.


I’ll look into that. Does it also work with discord ?

I never had to use them, but I’m sure the tech is on such a level now that it’s either a plug-in of some sort, or the program can feed directly through a virtual line-in cable.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’d be very surprised if Discord doesn’t have this feature already built in. Even Ventrilo did, twenty years ago.

But if you buy special software, I’m sure it will sound better and have more features.

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I was hoping to find a corporation that would let me participate in fleet combat by only listening and making ly contributions based on the orders I hear. That’d be fine.

Thank you.


@Shadow_Cyrilus used to run fleets on a “listen only” basis - maybe he knows of other groups like that.

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That’s encouraging. Thank you. I’ll do my research on that.

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I’ll contact him in game and see what he can come up with.
Thank you!

He is on these forums, too.

Can we send private messages on rhese forum ?

You can receive them from the moderators if you are bad, but I don’t think anybody has figured out how to send messages. Anyway, my main point is that you don’t have much of an issue. Incursions mostly don’t require you to have a microphone, as far as I am aware. Most of the time you just need to be able to listen. The same is true for PVP fleet action. Some of the hardcore “small gang” dog packs are really rigid about everybody being on voice comms, but the bigger corps and alliances just want you to be on the text Discord and able to listen to the FC during fleets. If you alert them to your special circumstance, almost nobody will have a problem with you not talking on comms.


Discord has TTS already built in. By nature, however, TTS is very inflexible. You can’t interrupt it mid-sentence easily if at all (Discord has one built in but you can’t interrupt it with a “stop speech” mechanism, and it’s pretty shitty), and I guarantee you that no one in fleet will have the patience to deal with consumer-grade TTS. You’re welcome to look into it but I’m pretty sure it’s a lost cause. I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m just trying to 1. help you establish realistic expectations so you don’t let yourself down and 2. help you know what to focus on to maximize your fleet experience. (In the unlikely event you manage to find TTS software that isn’t horrible, you might need virtual audio cable software to channel audio from the software to Discord, although such software might provide a virtual audio driver to handle this already, or you might be able to use Window 10’s built-in virtual audio cable system - there’s a GUI for it and it’s easy to use, though not as feature complete as dedicated VAC software, obviously.)

Having said that, there’s no shortage of groups that welcome fleetmates that listen only and follow orders provided they do so effectively. These same groups will value you even more if you make effective use of in-game fleet broadcast/tagging tools, which allow you to communicate essential information without spamming audio or visuals (ie. text chat). Well run fleets maximize communication while minimizing the chatter. Who knows? You might be able to FC one day simply by making good use of these tools; in your case your ability to FC properly will depend more heavily than most on your fleetmates being competent and on following instruction (knowing the basics of fleet operation), but it is not inconceivable - provided you make good use of these tools. Learn to be a good follower, make friends and allies from people you fleet with often, and then lead comrades into battle whose mutual trust you’ve earned because you’ve already fleeted before. You can only accomplish this if you make use of these tools.

No, just tag people like this @Red-Sonja (preface with @) or send EVEmail in-game.

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Yes I to hate the demand to use third party applications. I don’t use any and won’t, a game that is about social interaction but yet can’t get a integrated voice chat system. I did find a Corp that doesn’t require it! @Thanak Check out Guns R Us. He does YouTube and runs a good Corp. I’m sure you will fit in great!


Kinda late to the party, but here are my thoughts:

Almost all “good” groups out there will have some kind of mandatory voicechat program.
Will there be exceptions to this? Yes.
But the reason the voicechat programs are all but “mandatory” is because talking and listening are SO MUCH faster than typing. Much more so when in the throes of ship-on-ship combat.

For your particular case, I will tell a little story:

Early on in my career in EVE, I was part of a corporation with a weird amalgamation of people.
Of this amalgamation, there was one guy named Orn.

Orn was always on comms (back then we used Teamspeak). But the thing was, he never spoke. Not once.
We teased him.
We sometimes baited him.
We created elaborate conspiracy theories about why he didn’t talk while he was there listening to us (to this day I still think he was a DEV on an alt account).
Never made a peep.

But his texting was… verbose. Much more so when we were not paying attention to the chatbox.
We created a title in the corp specific to him: “The Loudest Quiet Person”

Because the group was small enough, he was part of quite a few operations (yes, even PvP ones).
The only issues were that he was locked into certain roles where communication was not necessarily needed (see: advanced scouting of an area before engagements, semi-solo support roles (like Electronic Warfare), or straight damage dealing).

And he was effective in these roles too.

So to answer your question directly:
Yes, there is a group out there for you.
Yes, you will have to be on comms.
Yes, there are roles you can fill even though you cannot talk.
And yes, you will find yourself being teased a little bit for it (just take it in stride and let people guess).

The trick behind all of this is, ironically enough, communication with a group you want to join. Be up front that you can listen, but cannot speak for medical reasons… then go from there.

If people give you a hard time about it or marginalize you (see: they don’t even try to bring you in to activities) then they are not a group you want to be a part of anyways.

Finding a good corporation in EVE is like finding a good lover; lots of bad ones, many crazy ones, some nice but boring ones, and a few that put a smile on your face. :wink:


Probably a girl IRL. Can’t blame her for never talking on coms.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


That was one of the other theories too.

But yeah, we didn’t push harder than some semi-gentle teasing. :slight_smile: