Looking for PvP Corp without mandatory voice comms

Im a new alpha clone player (US Time zone) looking for a pvp corporation. I’m also not interested in using teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble. Which seems to be a requirement for 99% of corporations out there.

I just finished the sisters of EVE arc and was super unimpressed with PvE in this game. So all that is left for me is pvp. Not sure how to make ISK and have fun at the same time, but that’s a problem for future me - when I run out of the ISK I got from tutorials and the epic missions.

I can fly the basic minmataar ships … frigate and destroyers.

Hi Izella!

A big reason why most places need the likes of mumble is for fleet comms, where the FC and other command will be sitting in the top channel, and Squads in sub channels below. It means the squads can communicate with each other without cluttering up comms or the other squads and FC Command chat, and the FC can issue a command to all channels. Discord doesnt offer that functionality at the same level.

We may not be the fit you are looking for, however more than happy to chat (but yes, we use discord AND mumble)

Maybe you should join any corp and go on Discord/Mumble and not say anything?

The whole point of fleet comms is to communicate quickly and effectively, PVP will be very difficult for your fleet commander and yourself if you are not on comms. A fleet with people not on comms will make mistakes and lose ships. So perhaps it might be an idea to look at what you really want to do in Eve and gain a better understanding of what it entails.

If you join a corp for PVP and then refuse to go on comms you will cause frustration because it will ba hard to communicate with you.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies, i understand why voice comms are mandatory now. It’s a game that requires more coordination than most.

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