Newbie here!

I was trying to work with my fleet last night but they kicked me out of the group for not getting on comms fast enough. can someone tell me how to do it?

Shouldn’t your fleet mates be telling you this? if they are that unhelpful, find another corp to join.

Joining comms depends what app they are using, discord? TS? Mumble. you can join comms before you even fire up your eve client

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The game has voice communication, which you can enable from the game’s control panel (hit ESC to bring it up). But the problem with in-game voice communication is that if the game crashes, your communication also crashes with it. So most people use an external, Windows program, for the voice communication. The most popular ones are Discord, TeamSpeak, Mumble, Ventrilo.

First you need to find out which one your fleet / corp uses, then you need to download and install it on your computer, and finally you need to find out how to configure it to use your fleet’s communication server and communication settings. Do you guys have a website / wiki page about the fleet? Ask around in-game.


They sound douchey. Maybe they should be helping you get sorted on comms.

Either way download TS3 and join a decent group.

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The thing you have to understand is that he is in FW they can get picky on how they operate. Npc corps are funny like that.

Fair point, had assumed he was in a corp.

I learned to despise comms in this game. Many reasons but mostly I just want to Eve and chill. Don’t wanna hear about how much America sucks or some blathering mining foreman scolding me for not being in their fleet.

I think the issue for op is the fleet expected the op to have comms set up unfortunately no corp or alliance set ups comms, fleet comps, etc are usually npc corp friendly.

So all they need is discord set up and issue a key to people so they can join comms, the service is free and so can just sit there until they need to use it. cannot see what the hassle is there, if they are dicks about getting on comms within 3 seconds I wouldn’t bother with them,

I agree but not all groups use discord.

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