It is time to bring ingame voip back

Yes seriously.

Getting quiet annoyed having to be on a goyzillion discord servers for different comms. (not liking discord to begin with).

It would be nice to have ingame fleet VoiP back as an alternative for small and “random” fleets with mostly strangers.

Especially being in FW you get so many different people with so many different comms.
A fleet ingame voip would be a nice alternative to get everybody on comms without much hassle.

Yes there are things such as Teamspeak and Mumble but then you have to have Discord (with a crapload of servers), teamspeak with different servers, mumble etc etc.
Auth this. Auth that. Yadda Yadda


I dont mind it being capped at 25-50 people or so in fleet to keep it stable.


Put in the player feature and ideas forums.

You know how this works. :slight_smile:

This would actually be really useful to a lot of players. I haven’t really been playing Eve since scarcity, but have been playing a LOT of Ark. Being able to walk up to someone and just chat with them through the game is tremendously helpful for actual human interaction. Vastly better to speak with energy and enthusiasm than to tap a few static words on the keyboard.

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Can you imagine how much fun it is to get chatted by random strangers in busy systems?

They could add a loudspeaker module, and a voice comms disruptor.


That sounds as fun as being groped by random strangers on the bus.

If you’re talking about Eve Voice then yes, I agree, bring it back. I never experienced any problems with Eve Voice when it was active. I remember it even had option to change the sound of your voice.


yes it was great and I vividly remember it as a part of my newbie experience.
Actualy talking to people without having to join their Teamspeak played a huge role in finding my first groups and making my first experiences.

It is a extremely useful tool.


I see you point, but it’s dev resources being put into something that is already done better by 3rd party programs.
No P2W

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It’s not done better, CCP is cheap and it’s just another thing they don’t have to provide, they wanna use 3rd party apps when they should be keeping it in-house, just like how they got rid of Evelopedia while claiming that Uniwiki was better.


I agree that the 3rd party tools are “better” at what they do. That is VoiP.

However the tool is already there. We already had VoiP… I don’t have much coding background but I can’t imagine its super hard to just re-integrate something that already exists and perhaps limit it for ease of maintanenance like as I suggested it, limit the VoiP access to a certain fleet size. Which would also help reduce Server load I can imagine, altough VoiP packets aren’t much of a load to begin with.

I experience the issue that lack of ingame VoiP brings first hand where as player X doesnt have discord. player Y doesnt have Teamspeak and the FC uses Mumble.

Having ingame VoiP, altough 3rd party tools exist, allows people, especially random collection of players you will find in FW or any other more public fleets, to easily communicate via a streamlined VoiP all parties have easy access to.


They can never actually keep it in house though, they can provide the option but most people won’t use it, the limitations it had made it not worth using, you had to have EVE running to be able to use it, tools like discord are available on multiple devices and will run just fine while the EVE servers are offline and include text based chat etc

EV couldn’t compete with 3rd party tools and never really would have, there was no reason to use it over literally any of the alternatives and that lack of people using it is why it was ultimately cut

I stated multiple reasons why I used it and would like to use it and why other people would use it and have used it.

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As for the reasons you stated, that’s just your own opinion. This thread isn’t about an out of game chat channel with voice option, this is about in-game voice option working in conjunction with Fleet Ops. Eve voice worked great and was very useful for Fleet Ops.

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Sure, but you’re not the majority of EVE, and the majority wouldn’t use it the same way you do, or as was shown, barely use it at all, hence why it wasn’t worth maintaining and paying the licensing fees for

I mean, the evidence kind of speaks for itself

At present, EVE Voice is used by just 0.4% of our active pilots

And EV provided nothing that 3rd party tools don’t already provide in much better ways, if this feature was so amazing how come nobody was using it?

Because better options existed, i mean you’re free to disagree but the numbers do not lie

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0.4% is truely a fraction. It is debatable though if it couldnt have sticked around for just these 0.4% of which I seem to be a part of.

The issue I see with the numbers game i.e. statistics is that it imposes the mob rule. The same issue we have with general game design decisions lately that seem to be catered to the two most populated places. High Sec and Null Sec.

Leaving Low Sec including FW and to a degree wormhole space the unloved middle child.

It is okay for a game developer to adress the needs of the majority of the players however the minorities also need to have their voice heard. As a low sec pilot and faction warfare capsuleer I still do wish for VoiP to come back as one of these features catered towards my (minority) playstyle.

I agree numbers don’t lie.
But numbers also don’t give you the full picture.
Without wanting to digress, an issue that is reflected in real world decision making too much as well.
“Our numbers show that… X” is not a good decision making foundation on its own.

It is when there is the cost in terms of development time, development resources, server resources and any licensing fees that went along with using Vivox’s voice technologies

In that case 0.4% becomes not worth supporting, if there was literally no cost and it never needed to be fixed or updated then sure it might have hung around, but when a feature starts costing you more to maintain than the benefit it provides its going to end up on the chopping block

Which is what happened here, so there are numerous times where “Our numbers show that… X” is a good enough reason to cut something


Unlike some people I don’t drink up all the Kool-Aid CCP keeps dishing out. Over the years they’ve proven themselves on multiple occasions to be liars. The main reason they removed Eve Voice along with a lot of other stuff was, and I quote from that Dev Blog:

to streamline our client and make it easier and faster to maintain.

Using the statement that stuff rarely used by players needs to be removed is just a BS excuse.

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Yes, which literally covers what i said, its costing too much to maintain a feature not used by players, i mean you’re free to continue your crusade against CCP

I’m not on a crusade against CCP, nor do I believe half of the stuff they say either.