On grid voice(Optional)chat

Hello! I want to be able to low key talk with people Im in system with.
For immersion it clould be that you’d have to be on grid, you could invite people in local to the sun for a chat or wherever. It would make EVE less empty to be able to hail ppeople. I like the opportunity to have an adventure, to meet people organically, before I join their already established gang. Why can’t we have this?
I want adventure, plz let me hav

No. I would immediately turn that off because such features are only used for trash talking, griefing and flaming on voice comms to interrupt actually useful voice comms outside of games. Can you imagine what this would do on a busy grid like Jita undock? The thing is laggy enough as it is. A voice chat system that has to process hundreds or thousands of char trying to talk to on-grid people would be insane. It would also be used to harass people on grid in fights.

If you want to talk to people, you can already do that by chatting in local chat or invite them to a private conversation.


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EVE used to have voice chat. We no longer have it for a reason. Just use Discord…

EVE is pretty much a case study on “this is why we can’t have nice things”, it would just end in tears. Also it would cause compounding issues due to the vast number of people we can have in a single area, the lag would be insane and the cacophony would be a mess. That is IF CCP would even be able to make it work somewhat decently well.


There would be no filter and people could talk about subject matter that isn’t Eve Online related.

I try to stay in character when I log on.

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The forum is alive! I can’t wait to play Eve again when I get monitors and projector. Ai caramba, 6 months maybe.

Would you be more open to voice chat if it was designed in a specific way?

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