Don't need much, but ingame comms plz

Imagine Eve where you can send and receive voice comms? like in Star Trek on a huge screen treating message from pirates, or calm conversation on an ice belt?
There is whole new plane of interactions and connections to be made once we go from ancient chat message system to really immerse voice comms.
Please CCP just Please

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Had it once and they ditched it.

You want comms, get discord or teamspeak


Why re-invent the wheel? TS is already a 100times more advanced and stable than whatever the EVE devs could invent and Discord is also usable and reliable for the basic needs of a small to medium corp.

I mean, they can’t even solve the issues with the chat servers, now imagine the disaster with a complete voice chat. Even bigger developers can’t touch the quality of TS, I play CoD Warzone™ from time to time and the ingame voicechat is miles below TS or even Discord in quality and reliablility.

ingame comms for ingame communications, to talk to other people who are not on your discord.
it will add so much depth into eve you cant imagine

tbh, last implemetation of eve ingame comms was cancer

damn i missed it:) was it at least fun or?
I just want to be able to talk to the guys in game, instead of typing

Cant guarantee you could understand them. Many players dont speak English

I can understand your craving for this kind of interaction, OP. Join a chatty corp, maybe? If you want the ability to convo complete strangers on your travels - be prepared to be…discouraged.

If Hypernet/Skillpoint scammers (and others of their ilk) get hold of such technology, my 40+ jump round-trip to Jita might just drive me crazy.

system can be adjusted for some sort of consensual communication, like you receive an intercom message and can accept or block it.
Just imagine all this interactions possibilities open up with voice comms

I thought you might counter with this. Look, Baritone, it’s just more hassle for nothing (for me).

Unless such a system had very high quality filters and other tools, it would be gamed to hell by some players - just as the chat system currently is, in my opinion.

I just don’t think CCP has the time or resources for it, and any decent company wishing and able to provide such a service in-game would charge a hefty premium for its use.

Don’t let me put you off, though. Work it all out, pros and cons, then come back to me.

We used to have EVE Voice.
IIRC you had to be in fleet with them for it to work.
It was ok’ish for small fleets, utterly useless for large fleets or multi fleet engagements.

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Then it will need some “block by default” like current invites have, because otherwise it would simply be abused to spam “intercom requests” at the start of a fight to interrupt people who might want to try and escape. We had that in the past that people got convo-spammed, fleet-invite spammed, duel-spammed and so on until you could block all that permanently by default. And this will lead a majority of the players on “block by default” anyway for safety reasons, the rest being noobs getting tricked with it and maybe a tiny majority actually using the feature for some benefit.

I mean, you seem to be unaware how much this could be abused. Imagine some random dude beginning to scream, yell, insult or play annoying sounds, screeching, alerts or whatever in the midst of a fleetfight. And then you will have to look how to get him muted quickly. CCP would have to implement a complete permission-system for these voicechats with access lists and anything to even make them usable in the realities of EVE. This isn’t some CoD Proxchat where you can taunt someone after a kill for the lulz and 5 minutes later the next round begins, people are going to lose hefty values over such crap in EVE, thats why usually you have to undergo some Authentification Process when joining any bigger groups TS/Discord.

The idea is great, but the effort for CCP to create a really well working system is so great, it will barely ever outweight the benefits and, creative as the EVE players are, still leaves much room for the darkest shenanigans. Don’t forget that while you can pretty easily sweeep chatlogs to moderate/punish insults, threats, racism, hatespeech etc, this is magnitudes more difficult for a voicechat and I seriously doubt CCP wants to even touch these legal minefields with a 10foot pole.


yeah I think voice chat in the game would be a good idea you could just refuse it from people you don’t know so I don’t see a problem adding it

This game had proximity chat I would probably stop playing lol

When they had in-game coms I was in the minmatar militia, and in that place at that time it helped communications and gave me an improved experience. There are times I want to invite someone into an impromptu fleet and speak with them without handing out my discord & end up with some weird stalker if it turns out we don’t get along.

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When EVE had in game coms, this occurred frequently in the starter systems. It was a great way to communicate with new players, without asking for a “background check”.

In fact, it was the means of communication for my very first roam, which took my (iirc) six week old self and another newbie into lowsec.

(The two of us newbies were too new to understand the potential danger of entering lowsec with a random person and just took this vet at his word that he’d keep up safe. Of course, I died, and our vet FC died, to gate campers, and the other newbie, who had not jumped yet, died, self-destructed in fact, as a show of solidarity.) We were hilarious.

It makes me smile every time I think about it.

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Voice was such a great tool for dealing with new players.

Small groups, temporary chats to explain some of the basic details of EVE mechanics. No need to explain to a brand new player they need to download even more apps just to begin playing.

Sadly, this is way down at the bottom of the list, if it is even on the list.

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I fully support optional proximity chat. When I was 12 and played Halo 2 online, this was one of the COOLEST things EVER.