Deaf Pilot trying to fit in , after a long break ,

Hi my Names lawful intent , i have played eve on and off for along time , i am also deaf , so it makes it impossible to communicate using team speak , discord , i have played high sec for a long time and i am looking for a bit of a change , and i am wondering if there is any corp / alliance , that would let me fly in there space , to do abit of null pve , i would help in any way you want , except mining , i am on u.k time.

There are corps and alliances who do text relays during pvp fleets. iirc Freight train diplomacy is a cool group that does this also goons, panfam, and test also have groups of deaf pilots I don’t know what corps though.

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Hey there! i sent you a in game mail. I’m a HR member in Brand Newbros within Freight train diplomacy.

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Hello :slight_smile:

We are the Dark Vanguard, part of DDOS alliance:

Why don’t you hop in our discord chanel and let’s have an exchange about flying in EVE !

Hoping to see you soon :slight_smile:

Fly fun

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Closing this post at the respectful request from the OP