Fleet Invitation Sound/fleet invitation window default position


I wanted to suggest having a recognisable sound for when fleet invites are sent to a player which could be configure to be on or off. I alt-tab a lot either between clients, or between other applications and Eve, have only a single monitor, and am part of fleet operations that could mean you end up on a waiting list to get in, and if you miss your chance, end up having to wait even longer.

If I could move the fleet-invite window so its default position is somewhere close to an edge, I could solve this by seeing that edge of the client, and see when a window pops up on it (I’ve tried the pin/unpin of that window, has no effect).

So either being able to toggle a sound that tells me when a fleet invitation has occurred, or being able to set the fleet invitation to pop up where I want it to pop up would be a quality of life improvement for me.

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