Random Fleet Requests

So Im boppin around the system, and I get this random popup that says “so in so wants you to join a fleet” I kinda ignore it as I cant find out any information on the fleet, then it goes away.
A couple days later, the same thing. i think it’s happened 3 or 4 times. I just keep ignoring it.

So what’s the scam?

Well, if its lowsec then they could warp you away from gate guns into the middle of nowhere and gank you, in null or wh space it could be a bubble trap. I’m not sure about highsec though IDK cause you still cant freely kill people in your fleet without CONCORD showing up.

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In highsec, it tends to be if you’re flying a ship with a Fleet Hanger or Ship Maintenance Bay (Orca, Deep Space Transport, Bowhead). If you have enabled the “fleet sharing” setting on either of these, then they can freely take stuff from these hangers while you’re in space once they are in your fleet.

I occasionally get such invites when flying a DST into Jita.

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It was in HS. Thanks for the info. Wasn’t sure what it was, so thats why I ignored.
I wouldn’t know about the default settings for the “fleet sharing” as I dont think I have consciously changed them, but I’ll go check!

Figured is was a scam :slight_smile:


Not sure about the scam. When you are mining, other miners with active boosting may invite you to share the boosts, resulting in much better yield and range for you.
But first of all, you should have a look at local chat window and just ask the inviting guy what’s up. And if you are in a cheap ship, enjoy the lesson :slight_smile:

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Ah, that makes sense too, however, I wasnt mining at the time and I couldnt find them in local. Next time they a request, Ill definitely ask what’s up!
Thanks :slight_smile:

I do this all the time. If anybody in a mining ship drops into the belt or field that I’m in, I’ll always offer fleet boosts. I do say hello in local first so people know what’s going on, but not everybody does that.

Now, all that said, the others here are correct that something more devious might be going on. Next time one pops up, ask in local. If it’s legit, they’ll answer. If it’s a scam, it will let others in local know as well so they don’t get taken.

Indeed the simple solution is to just message and ask. I’ve had these before as well. Sometimes it can be baiters (especially if your flying something expensive) but other times it could be someone who does genuinely want to help with something, or vise versa.

For instances there’s a handful of older players who will offer fleets to try to help new players out (from boosts if your in the same area for mining, ratting, and even missions, or to see if you need help in general).

My advice, from experience, is to always just go with caution when accepting an invite from someone you don’t know to protect yourself.

Hope this helps and best of luck out there! :slight_smile:

Yea, next time I will, but I haven’t heard back. I figured it might be some kind of spam bait as, by the 3rd request, I hadn’t heard any other kind of communication form them like “hey I’m so and so, and my fleet is this” basically, nothing but requests.
Other than that, no other issues, so all is well!
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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