Needlejack Fleet Scam?

So basically, is Needlejack fleet whoosh mandatory? For example, if I activate one right next to a fleet member, are they whooshed immediately? Because, if I manage to get in a fleet of enemies, easy if you are at war with a big corp and you have a spy, can you go and activate a needle jack in their midst, then send them all to a system far far away?

Have you read any of the info on what needlejacks can do, and how they work?

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There isn’t much of that info.

You need to be in charge of the fleet you’re yeeting, your safeties must be set yellow, you only yeet members in your fleet, and you can only yeet so many at a time. If some fleets you and immediately tries to warp you, make sure your safety is set green.

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Ok… Get someone to join your fleet by sending them invite? Tell them they’re invited to see super secret special thing?

This might work in Jita if you somewhat persuade them to change safety.

You can’t have timers on you and fleet members so useless in any combat situation. Even if you somehow became fleet leader and have everyone safety off.

Ps. Did you used at least one filament before thinking about it?

Yeah, the restrictions are very harsh. The problem is, you can only figure by trial and error because they are not documented anywhere.

and if they fall for it so what?

I used one personally, but never in a group before. Should have tested it out a bit…

You get a nice little place in Nullsec where you can kill your fleet mates, who you just scammed. Or, they have to travel all the way back into their system, might be useful in subcap fleet fights: “Where is half my people? Oh! Needlejack scam!”

cant yeet half a fleet.

Yeah, that. But it would be worth it, especially in HS warfare like the one that recently happened. 30 (e.g. two filaments) people out of the fight is fatal.

No Combat timer (the 15min thingy), be fleet boss (?), not in range of any deployed thing like abyss filaments (e.g. citadel, MTU, depot), yellow or below safety … what else?

Do fleet members to jump with you need to be in close proximity? Can they “opt-out”?

So to scam, you have to

  1. Be in a ship to kill the victim and survive nullsec
  2. bring the victim to join your fleet
  3. have it set safety off (look for nullbears in highsec?)
  4. be close and in free space
  5. no PvP situation in last 15min


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they need to be within 2k or something yeh and everyone in fleet has to be there afaik; you cant yeet 15 our of 30.


Can’t fix stupid.

Wonder how many hours that took though just spamming fleet invites…

Thanks for sharing, didn’t expect this works in real life … lol.

What is the narrative, did you get this? How do they make people do these two stupid decisions? :man_facepalming:

But it’s great to know that then filament checks all the conditions before jumping, so you can just spam activate and when it does you are in the game.

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Nothing will suprise me. I saw more dumb scams and people losing ships worth billions in hisec because they tried to thief my sites and get them self concorded.

But this probably never will work in any real organised pvp situation. Either because filaments limitations or simply because you need to be actual person high in hierarchy inside said group.

Also, worth mentioning that in video above where used first type of filaments. “reindeer” ones from winter event.

More like people just like clicking yes in every popout.

Fleet invite, granted. But switching safety to yellow?? This the people have to actively talked into.

yeh I dont get it… like… how… why… lol

Nope cant fix stupid

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