New player needlejacks to null

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Has it been suggested that new players, having completed the career agents for their faction, get given a needlejack out to a region (or better yet a constellation) of their choice?

If it is thought that fear of null and lack of social activity is a key reason for early quitting then giving newbros the ability to get to newbie friendly corps they like the look of, without running the various gauntlets could be helpful.

You could even give them a return filament that expires after 30 days.

Obviously this would require some engagement by corps and would likely favour the big alliances but giving people an initial taste of life outside hisec, with groups actively seeking and supporting new beans could help retention.

Just a thought…

So, give them a one way ticket out of perfect safety in high sec, to perfect safety in the blue donut of their choice. No…


Seems unnecessary, and there’s really no gauntlet to run, they just set their med clone remotely and suicide clone out to their new home. Newbros don’t have anything worth bringing with anyway.

Actually, this implementation would probably result in a bunch of dead, confused newbros.


Yeh, I suppose in practical terms that is the easiest way to do it. I wonder though if actually getting the filaments in hand might encourage some to think of making use of them immediately, it’s a more fun and intuitive way to travel than death clone express especially when you are very inexperienced and overwhelmed with everything.

Yes, by all means, let’s send those players directly to null immediately after the tutorial…


Well, the filament could last 60 days or something, recruiting corps could factor in the application and newbie reception process to their ads, eve uni would doubtless have helpful wiki info. There could be dedicated billboards in starter systems etc etc, this might help make new players feel more wanted rather than just cast adrift in eve’s vastness (there’s plenty of time for them to learn everyone’s a sociopath later on :smirk:

No, that’s a terrible idea.


Thanks Scoots

i fully support Scoots opinion
If a newbro uses a filament he will land in HOSTILE space (except if he is lucky and lands in provi, if provi is still NRDS…). He will appear as red on local, and will be hunted and quickly killed. Do you think it will prompt him to stay in eve?

  • There is already a mechanic for this.

A player can set their home system to their alliance headquarters once a year.

From EVE Uni:

In addition to moving your medical clone in the station in which you currently are, you can also move it remotely to any station where your corporation has an office. However, you can only do this once per year (there is a 365 day cooldown), with two notable exceptions:

  • You can always move your medical clone remotely to the system in which your character started the game.
  • New characters (i.e. less than 30 days old) have this counter reset each time they switch corporation.
  • Use of Yeet filaments as is can be a valuable way to allow new players to have a fun adventure on an affordable budget in a timely manner
    Players can use the Needlejack Filaments to sent T1 Frigs into null-sec for exploration, or whatever they want for excitement. They can use their bookmarks to find a way home, or probe out their own way, or just find more teleporting devices. We should strive to teach new bros about how to use the tools they have at their disposal.

  • You do NOT want people to arbitrarily make filaments to whatever region they want. Even if you consider it has to be a brand new player, a new player with a million free SP With buddy code, and maybe eve a bit more, AND a buff from a Standard Accelerator, is the kind of thing I don’t believe your null empire wants to exist.

  • The assumption here is that they must go to a null group to find a good organization. This assumption is FALSE.
    There are many organizations now that have gained a good footing now that they can exist openly without direct words. Players have started to build new stories in all bands of space, adapting to the changing rules. The advice that null-sec is the only or best place to be for content is just demonstrably false at this point. There is quality gameplay, and groups, to be found in all bands of space, for nearly all playstyles.


Just fly out there. There are hardly any gate camps these days, except maybe during prime-time.

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No, I don’t mean just yeet out there and get blown up, I mean use the filament as part of a recruitment and reception process supported by CCP and corps that begins in hi-sec starter systems. They’d need to apply and be accrpted before yeeting to null and this would be signalled in game and also by recruiting corps

Filaments could conceivably also go to hisec regions, the point is to encourage newbies to engage with corps early on, to faciliate new bean hungry corps to engage with fresh blood and for CCP to offer a clear next step after career missions end and when maybe the newb is getting bored of lv2s…

That may be true or not depending in the journey, it’s easy to forget though how daunting leaving hi-sec and even approaching new corps can be for some brand new players.

Given the low retention rates some sort of next step process to help newbies find friends and get support from corps that wish to offer it seems sensible.

Dumping newbies in null isn’t much of a solution for low retention rates.


Explained up thread that’s not the intention

your explanation is full of misconception

what are you talking about???
The point with filament is that it teleports you in a RANDOM null sec area. You cannot join a null sec corp and use the filament to move to YOUR new NS alliance area. You will probably land in the area of enemy NS alliances and will be blown up
And as Haulle Berry already told you, there is already a game mechanism to do what you want: you apply to a new corp, and you can set your med clone at distance in your new corp headquarter (is it once or twice per year? i don’t remember). You self destruct and POUF! you are magically in your new home. So what would filament do which cannot be done via this game mechanism?

I am sorry but i still don’t get your point:
either you want newbies to first apply to a ns corp and use a filament which randomly teleports them to any NS area and BOUM they will get killed
or you want newbies to first apply to a ns corp and use “new filaments” which would teleport them in a chosen NS area. It can already be done via the game mechanism quoted above.
or you want newbies to use a filament, land into a random NS area, say “hi, i am searching for a corp” on local, and not getting killed asap, in this game where paranoia is the rule, whereas they cannot dock anywhere and cannot probably use cloak as they are newbies ???

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The Guristas are hiring new pilots and plan to raid Jita

It’s not as complicated as you are making it. I daresay CCP could make filaments that allow selection of destination.

Tbh i’ve seen far more new players out in null/low then i did when i started the game, so i think its going the right direction.