Needlejack Ant Lion

I propose an anchorable structure for sovereign null that will attract needlejack filaments. There are two potentially fun ways of doing this.

A. Use the device to pull all incoming filaments off of other systems in the constellation, so that the incoming ship or fleet can be countered in the defenders’ system of choice.

B. Use the device to significantly increase the chance of receiving any incoming filament. This would allow people who want to hunt needlejackers a better chance of actually encountering one.

Even better if the incoming needlejacker lands within 2500 m of the device (just kidding :slight_smile: ).

Thank you for your consideration

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Is it ok to both like and dislike this idea?


Won’t this make the rest of the constellation ‘safe’ and allow the sov owners to ‘gate camp’ from a single location?

Were the constellations safe before filaments were introduced?


The danger of a filament gangs is, i thought, that they can land anywhere and bypass intel/camps.

But if i put one of these structures in every constellation i can guarantee that no filament will land where i don’t want it to and put a cloaky alt on it for intel sharing or a gate camp.

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Camping each system would be an enormous effort for having a very rare event - a filament dropping in that one constellation. You would have to camp every exit to the system, too. I’m not sure what intel the cloaky camper would provide you with, since everybody appears in local.

I was just joking about having people arrive at some beacon - clearly that wouldn’t work. People would just land randomly at the planets like they do now.

Right now, filament guys can be pretty smug, since they can be pretty close to 100% sure that the system they are about to land in isn’t prepared for them.

Isn’t that the only reason they are successful. If they were at all predictable, wouldn’t they be hot dropped?

Isn’t that the same as gate camps now?

It seems to me that they’d only need to camp one extra system per constellation (or the just the ones they want to make more safe), and they’ll be able to choose bottleneck systems/bubble the exits.


I take it from your replies that you think it is optimal for a bunch of rabble to be able to teleport all over the galaxy while putting nothing on the line but the cost of their ships and implants. Meanwhile, the people that want to anchor things, mine, and build - the people who form massive groups, networks, etc. The guys who make headlines in gaming magazines, should have no real counter to people just magically appearing to drop kick them with no warning - then teleporting back out if they win. >POOF<

My feelings are more nuanced than that.

I’m glad that there is a way to pose a threat to nullsec residents.

The counterplay to players magically appearing in space are not that much different to the counterplay available to a mining barge that doesn’t want to be ganked. Both apparently happen out of no where. Both involved being somehow prepared.

This is all anyone has on the line. Filament gangs can’t threaten structures.

Yeah, I think this would mostly be a buff to krabbing. One interesting thing you could do with it, however, is post them up in enemy systems where you’re trying to bring down their ADM’s (assuming it could be deployed stealthily, or had a reinforcement timer and worked until destruction). Hmm, I guess people in backwoods systems (like renters) could also use to increase system traffic for when they’re trying to boost their DBS multiplier. They can post one up and camp for a while. And when they’re ready to krab, they can offline it/take it down.

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