Mobile Entanglement Generator

One of the main issues in EVE is—in many people’s opinions—filaments. Sure, almost everyone can agree that these are GREAT for creating content by moving your fleet across the map to find it much easier…but using it to escape situations has made bringing ships into enemy territory virtually without risk. Reds camping you in the system? Who cares. Just filament out.

It is exactly what everyone hates. So…what’s the solution? (Keeping in mind that we want to keep the great content that filaments create without the drawbacks.)

I introduce to you…the Mobile Entanglement Generator! Modeled after the same technology as the Mobile Observatory, this structure, once deployed and having completed its automatic activation process, will prevent any filament use within the system.

Ez pz. I’m so smart.

CCPLS! Don’t let ppl continue just ■■■■■■■ off with these fillaments. It’s so dumb.


Don’t combat timers prevent you from using them already?

Yes, but combat timers will go away after 15 minutes. If you have a cloak there’s nothing to stop you from waiting out that timer.


Filaments are great as they allow players to more easily find content or random null secspace to roam.

A bad side of filaments is that they make evacuations out of camped wormholes or dangerous null sec systrms to high sec too easy to do through Pochven with very little risk. Additionally the filaments allow gangs to avoid confrontation, sit out their combat timer (cloaked) and filament away out of sticky situations.

Mobile entanglement generators would add a possible counter to these negative parts of filaments.

These objects should at least be allowed in Pochven (adds risk to evacuations), null sec and wh space, if not all parts of space.

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Bonus idea: make it stop abyssal filaments in system too?

so if thats the case this should be a structure more akin to system cyno jammers rather than observatories.

a temporary deployable will just encourage people to log off in a safe and come back later reducing content rather than creating it. If its a system structure then you can lock down the entire area and just waiting wont change that.

That would be way too permanent and wouldn’t allow the structure to be reactive like mobile observatories.

You’re right that this is a downside. However if the deployable has an uptime that is long enough (say 1.5 - 2 hours) then this logging off will be for the rest of the evening, making it unlikely that the group has enough filaments to get them all home. Sure, it’s still an option to log off and blueball everyone, but the people they hurt most by doing that is themselves as they’re logged off in enemy space with people who might still be there when they come back hours later, and on top of that they also need to log back in together as a group to make use of the filament back home. Otherwise everyone would have to travel back home by themselves.

So no, I don’t really see logging off as a good option. Which means this deployable as temporary deployable will do just fine.

have you played eve? the log off and wait it out is definitely going to be a common choice. im not sure why you think they wont have enough filaments. you generally give everyone one as they aren’t all that expensive and your screwed if the guy carrying it dies while the rest of you don’t have it.

This is why I said it would hurt content. rather than groups hopping in then out when the defense fleet shows up only to go back out to another random region and keep it going you will get people who just go welp guess we will log out and go play Minecraft for the rest of the night. Players in eve are highly risk averse and if there is little to gain people will just log off and do something else.

Then add an additional effect to these mobile entanglement generators:

Safe log off turns into unsafe log off in this system. Ships logged off unsafely have a 50% chance of disconnecting your pod from the ship.

yeah… that wont be abused at all. That’s going far beyond just keeping people from filamenting out and you would see these used far more when filaments aren’t involved at all.

It would be especially fun in large tidi fights when people disconnect and find themselves in their pod when they log back in their capital pilots. :joy:

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Okay, messing with safe logging off was maybe not that serious.

But let’s go back to the suggestion:

What if we find some middle ground between a permanent structure like cyno jammers and reactive structures like mobile observatories?

What if these mobile entanglement generators were easily killed like mobile observatories, yet would be online long enough to be considered ‘permanent’ for log off strategies? For example, what if they lasted for 12 hours?

Then people would be much more encouraged to warp from anywhere in the system to the generator and blap it, rather than to log off for 12+ hours with the risk that another one of these is set up when they come back.

honestly if its really a problem add a warm up time to the filaments so not only do you need to wait out your combat timer but then you have to wait on the filament that could be scanned down. If the bad guys can’t get people together by then well that’s their loss.

again you are already killing them from logging in the rest of the night so 2hrs or 12hrs won’t change anything

Well if they’re willing to log out instead of playing the game, maybe we shouldn’t try to take those players into account when balancing the game.

And make it fun for the players who do want to play.

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if you go with that mentality eve would die.

Because everything in eve requires patients its player base is full of people who are a day or two isn’t much to most players in eve. let alone a single evening. Content denial is such an important aspect of eve combat that you have to balance around it.

You also need to remember that the points of these filaments were to make null less safe and disrupt traditionally heavily guarded farming sites. And they have done this extremely well.

Like I said if you want to make it harder for players to get in and out you’re better off putting a delay from when a filament is activated to when you can cross the fissure and leave.

Sounds good.

Make every filament turn into a system-wide beacon that shows up on the overview for a minute before it takes the fleet elsewhere.

no, just make it scannable like abyssal ones.

Sure, but it is important the teleport should be delayed long enough to allow other players to scan down the trace, warp to it and initiate combat with the ships around the trace.

2 minutes?

ofc, and 2min would be plenty considering you have the combat timers to reship into a fleet that can scan it down and contest.