Stop Filament running

As a simple idea several corp members and myself were talking about the annoyance of pvp fleets being able to run away freely thanks to filaments. An idea to help hold them in ns for combat could be an anchorable structure that allows filaments to enter a system. But Under no circumstances may a filament be used in the same system to leave. or in any system with one of these structures. Id love more constructive feedback on this idea. Another suggestion was to make it an upgradeable item on the local control units in NS.

why would we want that?

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Depends which side of the situation your on. Myself if i get pinned down in a system id rather go down fighting or sitting still to log out waiting to see if i get scanned down. Not just warp to random safe spots till I can run away with no issue and no major counter.

If they’re running away then what’s the problem? You won. It’s not like they were ever going to be caught even without the filaments.

I dont see the point? They would just log off?
You have to wait for the combat timers, so you have 15 mins to combatscan the safespots and catch them with a sabre between them.

Why should those 3 filament guys fight your 20 people response fleet?

Hint for the clueless: if you can’t catch them before they filament out then they’ve already successfully avoided the PvP threat. It isn’t “opting out of PvP” just because the aggressor isn’t good enough to catch their target within 15 minutes and/or do a better job of baiting, just like it isn’t “opting out of PvP” when a miner stays aligned and warps out before a suicide ganker can catch them.

yeah, but why would the game benefit if this was implemented. I don’t care about what you would personally do.

Then they just log off stuck in a place they cant filament out of. There is no current negative to filamenting into a bad system other than spending some time jumping around. and leaving. though a good concession would be that an anchorable structure be quite easy to kill like a gate bubble and have a beacon warp point like an ess.

Why does there need to be a negative, other than wasting your time and a filament?


The game would benefit a counter play option to filaments which you cant stop from entering a system but you can stop them leaving your system in the same way. Also by rules of this section of the forum. constructive criticism or ideas. Not just saying its a bad idea

there already is in built counter play, the FIFTEEN MINUTES you can’t use another filament.

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Thats more of a cooldown to avoid someone jumping 15 times in 15 minutes. not so much so that they get caught. To me it seems more of a lag prevention method to avoid excessive server hopping

Why do you need a counter-play besides defending your systems well enough to prevent them from engaging at all and/or baiting them into a trap? Why should CCP make up for your inability to catch a hostile fleet by giving you an automatic “no exit” button to hold your targets in place?

Well that comes down to a matter of opinion. everything in a game with a heavy focus on pvp should have play and counter play for all situations. And there is still an exit. the nice gates situated in every known space system. simply fly to the nearest exit. To me it seems an inverse to the already existing cyno jamers which help control where and when jumps can be made. this would be similar and hopefully a quickly destructible target while making hotspots for pvp to trapped fleets.

Then where is the counter-play to all of the targets in a system docking up as soon as a filament fleet jumps in? Clearly we need a module that can instantly warp disrupt all hostile players in an entire system and pin them down in their PvE sites until the aggressor can go collect their killmails.

Nah. The module just needs to prevent docking and tethering.

Structure bashing prevents tethering, why dont attackers commit?

Guys youre such hypocrites.

TBH Im completely agaisnt tethering or being able to dock if someone has shot at you not just if you have engaged them. and current interceptors can do them with warp disruption probes and the new webbing probes. if you get lucky and find the ships or warp to the right anoms first try.

Structure bashing prevents filament fleets, why dont defenders commit?

Guys youre such hypocrites

And if you get lucky you can catch the filament fleet. Since this is, in your opinion, inadequate then it works both ways and we need a system-wide warp disruptor to prevent targets from tethering/docking once a filament fleet decides to kill them.