Filament use from WH space

The roaming filaments that help players to travel to random null sec or the Triglavian space should not work from WH space. I have used them myself and I have seen them used and this kind of super warp out from the wormhole space is against the very nature of wormholes.

If a WH group wants to use the filaments to roam it is easy to find a K-space exit where to use the filament or just pod express to k-space.

So I suggest that the filaments that take you to null sec or Triglavian space could not be activated inside wormhole space.



I think this is excellent idea. “Can’t activate in w-space” should apply to the Needlejack filaments and to the Pochven filaments, but not to the tournament or Abyssal filaments.

Doesn’t many DnD based sword-and-sorcery games have magical scrolls of teleportation, which you can read and get magically teleported elsewhere in that game world. I don’t want to see magical teleports in the harsh w-space of Eve!


Why this will make game better?

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I’m curious as to how this improves the game at all. I know J-space is arguably the most ignored space in Eve; but, I don’t see how this makes it better.

Change for the sake of change is bad.

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I think it should be clear why it makes the game better. As Phelan mention J space is most ignored space in game and it feels to me that filaments working from WH-space have been an oversight at the moment when the filaments were introduced.

Everyone gets a warning of danger when entering to the WH space, basically there should be only two ways out from WH space: By using the WH or by death. Now the use of filaments gets you magically out from there with all of your equipment and pod. In the way this mechanic is comparable to WH having a local. I can see how the farmers and day trippers like this mechanic and it gets used to the totally different meaning than originally meant. I don’t think that filaments were designed to be magic evacuation aids. Like I mentioned before the filaments break the very nature of the WH space.


It’s easy to see why this would make the game better:

  • magical teleport filaments lower the value of scouting the chains
  • magical teleport filaments lower the value of hauling - doing it well means less
  • magical teleport filaments lower the value of wormhole camping - they can get past your camps using lame magic.

All these together make the game worse, thus removing them would make the game better.


Not really. Filaments don’t suddenly show me where the chain leads. It doesn’t show me the way back home after I use the filament. It doesn’t show me where all of the sites in a system are.

No, because it doesn’t let me haul stuff in. Im also better off rolling the chain and scouting for a good high sec connection to haul stuff in and out… I lived in J-space for almost a year and no one used filaments to haul stuff out of J-space. No one.

No, because most day trippers and explorers aren’t going to risk ending up who knows where with a filament when they already know the way home by the way they came in. I mean… I suppose they might risk it if they see your camp. But why the hell are you camping in noncloaked ships.

In the entire time I was in J-space, do you know how many times I used a filament to escape? Zero. Sure, I carried one on my C5 ratting ship… but that was for if I somehow got rolled out of the hole.

But sure, let’s change Eve because of something that isn’t even an issue. Let’s make J-spsce even less attractive because people won’t be able to do abyssals to make ISK…

Well I have been in J space about 12 years now and I have experienced both ways of using the filament. I think the reason you tell you carried the filament is the very argument why it should not work from J-space.

Just to clarify my meaning. This would not involve filaments that take you to Abyssal deadspace. There is no reason for that since you come back to the same system so you are not traveling with your ship and pod. Suggestion concerns the magic traveling from WH space to K space. Triglavian space was prolly little too generic should have used Pochven instead.


If you think about what is the intended main use for Needlejack filaments: I’d say they are meant to enable easy to setup null sec roams. Any wh group that is capable of doing a null sec roam is capable of staging the roam from the closest K space exit.

If you think about what is the intended main use for Needlejack filaments: I’d say they are meant to do stuff in Pochven, either PvP or PvE. Any wh group that is capable of operating in Pochven space is capable of staging the Pochven raid from the closest K space exit.

This leave NO positive wh use for the travel filaments. None. They only reduce content, and especially reduce the quality of wh content.

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A rare +1

“Magic Travel” is bad enough, having it in WH is really contrary to the base design.

Are you trolling or actually being serious???

I say that because this statement is so clueless it seems like you are trolling and making a joke?

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Same as for low/null/triglavian/edencom

Why? Only because w-space should be more hardcore? Lore reasons? There is gameplay value of finding way out?

Do you understand that Pochven filaments was designed to change logistics in all EVE?

Yes actually there is, have you spent any time in WH space?

Which part is clueless? That J-space is ignored or that I don’t see how this improves the game? Or that change for the sake of change is bad?

It doesn’t matter because it’s not clueless. I lived in J-space and people didn’t get away because of filaments. They got away because they were smart or I made a mistake.

The idea that filaments are the ultimate escape is laughable. You can’t use one if you have a PvP timer on you. And if you haven’t tracked down your prey by then, you probably aren’t going to catch them anyways.

If you haven’t caught them by the time those timers run out, they can just log out and come back in a few hours and leave that way. Only time you’re gonna camp a system is if you’re evicting someone.

Are you going to camp every wormhole out of a system or go looking for more content? Unless you’re evicting, you go looking for more content.

But hey, feel free to hurl insults. But again, change for the sake of change is bad.

Who said anything about escaping PvP?

Keep ranting, not a thing you mentioned has anything to do with the most basic obvious reasons filaments in WH are bad.

No, I want to use it when I’m rolled out, or evicted and can’t get out at all.

Which is why it should be removed, “Oh, I forgot my probes, guess I will just use a filament”.

WH Easy Mode

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that’s why there’s the great corp that sets off the security cans in every wh system. Should we also ban the corp according to your logic “no easy mode”? :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: You, pvp people, are so stubborn. Instead of screaming for more nerfs and that the loss should be meaningful, scream for easier logistics for the WH, then farm people will also be happy to use the ships for PvP from time to time. The current logistics is simply for the ass. You have to bring everything in, sometimes over days, it will surprise no one that the players are risk averse. It’s just a lot of time spent on nonsense.

This is the main point. Well said. Wh space should harsh, hard and violent, but also fair and equal playing ground for all parties. Travel filaments lower all this. They change the risk vs reward equation to the wrong direction.

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Unfortunately this alone just shows the limits of your WH knowledge. Better pharsing could have been: As far as I know no one used…

Are you serious? Here is few reasons: Bubble, Vindi Vigilant webs, More DPS. But I suppose this is drifting away from the original subject a bit.

Exactly if you are truly hunting some one in WH and you put all the time and effort to catch him and he takes the filament out you will feel that you were cheated. He goes out while you are not looking that is fine since you would have had the chance of follow and catch him. WH’s should not be about instant action and gratification, one has work hard for his goals.

Anyhow there has been reasons for and against the proposed change. As it can be seen it would not be change just for the sake of change. It is up to CCP to figure out what kind of places WHs should be. I hope that they do make this change.

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