New player needlejacks to null

You know what the real problem is? That people are thinking in such binary ways. Never does anyone seem to consider giving the option and instead everyone is put into the same bucket of “well we can’t do that because they might die”.

What about all of those who join because they know EVE’s a ■■■■■■ up dangerous place full of adventure and unknowns? Adventures and unknowns include the risk of death! Even in Monkey Island 1 one could die! There was only a single way and it took ten minutes to die, but there was one!


But they should not, ever!


But as Haulle Berry and I already told you, you can already join a ns corp at distance, set your med clone in the new corp HQ. Can you please explain to me why CCP should invent a new item? No you cannot

I explained up thread why I think it might offer benefits, if you are not convinced that’s fine

New players are indistinguishable from new alts. Experienced players would abuse this mechanic to transport things around.

They might, could limit to frigate

They will, don’t be daft.

I’m still fairly new to the game but I made 2 PVP characters, one is doing FW and one is going into random directions on the map (into zero space) to find fights. I’m still clueless, I die all the time and I make mistakes all the time. But I’m also learning and it’s certainly not boring (it can be when traversing zero space and you’re not finding much but that is part of being in a sandbox MMO, it’s not instanced fighting the second you want it to be).

I do this because I WANT to: I don’t need instant travel (I don’t even WANT instant travel as that is bad game design), I don’t need encouragement, I don’t need to be catered to. In fact the time and preparation it takes is all part of the whole process and I’d not want it any other way, if I DID want that I’d be playing COD instead.

Players who don’t PVP now won’t do it either once changes like this happen because they’ll just come up with another excuse as to why they’re sitting on their ass grinding moneys.

This change won’t help the ones you state it would apply to and it probably would cause all kinds of unwanted side effects (which I don’t pretend to understand).

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I think it’s great that you want to figure things on your own, kudos for that. I mean no-one will force anyone to use a filament, but as they exist in game and are wildly popular I think CCP should consider making them part of the NPE. We might end up improving retention of new players who maybe are more cautious than you

insta travel is bad in any MMO, it’s terrible because it shrinks the game world, causes location to be largely irrelevant and makes you avoid and ignore content. I realize it already exists in the game but that doesn’t mean we should then go “Well it doesn’t matter any more now does it, just add more”.

And again, people who want to do PVP already do it while people who don’t do it now won’t do it after these changes either. The vast majority of newbies in the help channels ask about mining or how to fit their Drake, insta travel to “pvp zones” won’t change that.

Your whole “for the newbies” stuff doesn’t sound very convincing to me.


Talking about a time-limited filament to encourage new player engagement with corps outside of HS, not a permanent teleport button. MMOs need players, there’s a very long list of dead MMOs after all. If you’re not convinced that’s fine.

If that is for newbies, why not limiting it to corvettes?

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Why on earth would you give new players the possibility to jump back within 30 days? That would be abused too much. It’s even good enough with the filaments that already exist. People need to learn take their loss, how to die and keep on playing. Any new player that has the heart for information gathering within the game will make progress. There are loads of hi-sec corporations for newbies as well.

People who want to play in null end up in null by their own anyways. Loads of corporations and alliances are recruiting new pilots to their space, via their own academies etc.

It’s up to each pilot to do what they want to do. This game isn’t holding anyones hands, all tho the career agents aren’t too fun.

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Yeh, or even pods

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I just think offering new players one final bit of assistance after the career agents and something around which corps can base their recruitment might bridge the gap for some people and get them going omega or at least logging back in

Or make filaments take people to Thera

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Yeah i understand your point but i don’t think it will work. There already are filaments for those who want to go to null. This is a game that’s built on learning by doing, and it needs to be kept that way.

I mean, some corporation already provide assistance for jumping down to their space. How would this thing you suggesting be so different?

The difference is I think that being given the time-limited filament as the reward for completing the career missions, and being told that reaching out to a corp is the next step in learning to suceed in eve could aid some new players. Particularly if combined with boards in stations and/or in space presented either by corps or by CCP, inviting applications and/or bulletpointing how and why to apply. This might get more new players over that initial hump, where you are rather rudderless and unsure of what to do next.
I don’t know how many new players complete the career missions and then just disappear within 30 days but I am guessing quite a lot.
If we can keep a higher percentage of them engaged then they are doomed like the rest of us.

So then I can generate as many of these as I need to any null blocs home? I think this would end up poorly.

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No, probably need to set some limits, perhaps on alts doing it, also maybe only pod travel, like a jump clone. I mean if you want to create a huge bunch of alts, complete the career missions, and simultaneously yeet them into goon staging as a pod suicide attack or bid to generate tidi I would pay to watch a stream of it, but I think ultimately I doubt it would be a regular occurence. :grin: