Make PI great again


I don’t mean in the sense that it is not great, many updates were done, but I was expecting more!

I would like to see two features that I believe are missing:

  1. Instead of using a slider to choose the cycle time, have a field that numbers can be inputted, either the number of cycles or indicating left. If I want to let it run for 24h currently, I need to slide the button back and forth and it is VERY sensitive.

  2. A button that would automatically position the extractor heads to maximize output. Obviously it would be limited by the character’s scan limitations.

Thanks in advance!

This sort of thing really belong in the Little things & small QoL Suggestions

It’s called PP now ^^

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Wont ever happen. Just do the work it needs :smiley:

I am not holding my breath, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Have something be “annoying” for the sake of annoying isn’t good mechanics.

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