Further improvements to PI

I think that PI is much better now after the changes than it was before, however there could still be some improvements as it is still a bit of a click fest and carpel tunnel creator

1: when placing structure on the planet surface have the option (ie a toggle on/off) to snap the structures next to eachother, i am finding that trying to place structures close together is still a PITA

2: When I want to put industry or production facilities on the planet, let me choose the shematic first and then keep that schematic until I change it, a bit like when you select the schematic on the first BIF and it stays that way for all subsequent BIFs that you place.

3: Automatically upgrade or at least have a pop up asking if you want to upgrade the link between an extractor and a structure. Having to click off the selction, choose the link then upgrade is an unneccesary chore. If the link is going to be overloaded then upgrade it, or as I say ask if you want it upgraded.

4: almost every time I start laying extractor heads they overlap, sometime they dont, most of the time they do, it seems to be a weird combination of how far out you are zoomed that make it work sometimes. can it be set so that the extractor heads will not overlap unless you manually move them to do so.

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