Some basic quality of life improvements

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Anyway, I started playing again a month ago after 6 years, I like a lot of the improvements, but there are some pretty basic things I’ve noticed that you can’t do. For example:

MTU’s: Why not let us put these on our ship hotkeys etc? It’s so dumb that we have to open our inventory and right click them to drop them. Same goes for drug boosters etc.

There are a lot more that I can’t think of right now, but just being able to add consumables to our hotkeys would be great. I mean, why can’t they just open up the UI to be able to be customizable like every other MMORPG and let the community fix things if CCP aren’t doing it? EG: drop an MTU and automatcally bookmark it, and remove the bookmark when you scoop it?


Nanite paste for repairs would be nice to, dont see why we cant have a slot for cargo hold items.

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Oh yeah. Basically just a tab in your cargohold to store consumables, like paste, missiles/projectiles, basically just things you are using, so you can separate them easily from loot/salvage. I’ve had to create a ton of custom item filters, some of them actuall name > is exactly > item name etc. because that’s the only way to do it sometimes.


If we could just drag items onto the hot key bar that would be fine.

I don’t want to see any inventory changes, every time they work on that they break it.


A hotkey to scoop MTU would be useful. Also move the “remove MTU from overview” from being next to “Scoop MTU to cargo hold” in the drop down menu, it’s easy to click the wrong one and leave it behind

Move it next to Self Destruct?

If it’s not the right choice…

Don’t click on it??

Put the drag and drop request in this thread:

Noted, thanks for that.

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