New Drug Idea @CCP

Was thinking, where the module buttons are, if we could get maybe a few smaller syringe buttons that we could load drugs into and set them to a hotkey that would be pretty cool, what do you think?


That’s a great idea, so many times I forgot to inject as I’m not getting out of the cockpit to go check cargo for drugs in the middle of trying to kill someone . lol…Although it does seem like an addict will do. lol


I thought it was a good idea lol

The entire right click, consume drugs, could be revamped yes. Im actually all for something like this. Especially the hotkey ideas for any boosters being loaded, almost like ammo or scripts that can be taken back out if unused, being added before you undock or in a “preflight” check.

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Yes please.
Allow us to have a “drug injector” icon somehwere close to the capacitor, which we can load boosters into and use them, at a click of a button!! Much the same functionality as the current turrets/launchers.

But hey, wrong forum section. Its gonna drown in trolls here lol. Talk to ISD to get it moved to suggestions section.

This would make me want to try drugs.

Well… more drugs.

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You can tell this is a good idea because normally even the good ideas have more than half of people hating it.

You could even do the icons on the other side or beside the capacitor UI like the T3D mode switches. Preload 3 different drugs into each one.

I tend to take my drugs prior to logging in.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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That actually has had to be done already. Any important combat action MUST has option of hot-keying it. Could be turned into another isk sink, as well. Like, you have to buy an injector from NPC orders, and it only lasts for some time, then you need to install a new one.

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