Various Hot Key Suggestion Thread

This thread is for new hot key ideas from anyone who has one. I did not put my ideas in the "Little things / small qol suggestions because I think it would be easier to add a bunch of new hot keys at once rather than piecemeal, and easier to have them all in one thread. Lets see what everyone comes up with and hopefully this mass of them will spark interest in some hot key additions.

Please give your idea a clear name and bold it for ease of differentiation.

I have had several hot key ideas recently and two similar ones related to my issues with killrights. I will only put those here for now, as an example and other ideas I will post later.

Activate Kill Right Hot Key and Activate Kill Right by bounty Hot Keys

This would be a series of hot keys that will activate a kill right that is visible and available in the “Selected item” Window.

The first available hot key will activate the kill right immediately or try to, regardless of cost. This will bypass the need for confirmation.

The second will press the activate kill right button, calling up the confirmation button as normal. When the confirmation button comes up, pressing this button again will press the affirmative confirmation button, activating the kill right.

The third available hot key will activate any kill right 5 million isk or below instantly with no confirmation.

The fourth available hot key will activate any kill right 10 million isk or below.

The fifth 15 million or below.

The sixth and last would be for 50 million or below.

My biggest question is if that range is realistic and enough. IDK enough about how kill rights are used by most other players across New Eden. I only know I am a cheap skate.


Well, I don’t activate killrights very often, so I can’t say anything about that. But I do love me some hotkeys. I know Eve already has a ton (including some stupid ones, like those for the character creator), but I’d rather have them and not use them, than want them and not have them.

Anyway, I wish there was a hotkey for assigning drones. Like, press the hotkey and click on someone’s name in your watchlist in order to assign drones to them.


Safety Toggle

Gankers may love me for this one because I bet they have more “accidents” than anyone. But it would be nice to have a hot key to change your safety between green, yellow and red without the need for confirmation OR

Safety Hot Keys

Three hot key options for each mode. Push once to call up the confirmation and the second time answers in the affirmative.

Oh, I also want a hotkey for looting.

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I’d love it if all of these commands were bindable:

  • Loot All
  • Salvage (drone)
  • Mine (drone)
  • Recover Probes
  • Increase Probe Radius
  • Decrease Probe Radius

It’s been a while, but I think you can engage mining and salvage drones with F.


Ahh yea you’re right. The Engage command covers Salvage and Mine, i assumed it was just… “Engage the Enemy”. I shoulda tried that… Thanks.

My productivity just went up 100%.


You should be able practice/play guitar AND Loot a large deadspace full of wrecks OR jump a long route at the same time without having to put the pick down and pickup the mouse. Surely, in the land of The Sugarcubes, you get this…

You currently cannot do this because you need the mouse to:
Open Container
Loot All (you can TAB TAB ENTER, but that’s a little tedious)

Consider this a Regression Test.

I’m fine with not being able to engage in combat one-handed…

If that last post had a point, I don’t know what it was.

Even if every command had a hot key I would still need both hands I am sure. Its not like this thread is about a hot key that combines multiple commands to be executed at appropriate times in the future.

It was a light-hearted, Friday night way of saying that there are no hotkeys for Loot All, or Open Container, and that you can’t Jump/Warp/Activate without clicking something in the Overview even if what you are clicking on in the Overview is already selected.

After a couple drinks I forgot this Video Game forum was a place of such serious business. I’ll stay focused, clear and professional from here on out.

Reminds me of when Homer Simpson had a few drinks and forgot how to drive.

Reminds me of when the Comic Store Guy says anything.

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