Activating Kill Rights is a combat action and so kill rights should not be cached

Basically kill right activation fails alot of the time and sometimes the target jumps gate or docks as you confirm the new kill right or its a old higher value kill right when it should be a lower one. Or your waiting with your **** in your hand for a few second checking the new kill right when you’ve warped your lone tornado into a fleet of twenty gank talos’s.

People tell me kill right activation fails because they are cached. Given that they could mean the life or death of a ship, kill right activation should be treated with the same priority as activating a offensive module. It should not be cached.

I know its probably because the whole crimewatch relies on caches alot but their should be a way to make the system more responsive and avoid situations that fail to escalate to ship destruction.


The entire kill right system needs an overhaul to make it more intuitive and functional.

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My alt went into detail about one way of fixing at least part of these issues. It was the first set of hot key suggestions here:


The pain in the ass it is to activate a killright to shoot someone shouldn’t be there.

I just had an idea, if you have a killright on someone, you can free fire on them at all times and if you fire then the killright is activated automatically. Non of this fiddly bollocks, trying to select them, then finding the selected item window, clicking the target to make sure its not changed price, then hitting activate, and oh no, they warped 30 seconds ago.

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