Activating killrights

I have a suggestion for how killrights should work. The current method of activating is clunky, slow, a pain in the ass and encourages isk bomb mistakes.

I propose the new system is as follows:

  1. Go to wallet settings “killright thresh-hold” I can set it to whatever I want. But I will probably go with 10 mil, any more than that, it’s probably a scam.

  2. I lock the target and fire, if I have a legal killright and it’s less than ten mil, the killright is activated and I actually ■■■■■■■ fire!

The current system is fiddly, annoying, and when I’m not feeling so sharp, is probably gonna cost me some money. Hell, even if the automatic activation isn’t introduced, a wallet setting that limits what I can spend on one would be a great addition.


I actually really like this idea


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