Right price to ask for kill rights?

(Corvus Andrard) #1

Hi, I activated a kill right but I wonder if there’s a “right” price to ask. I want to see him dead, is it better to ask a low or a high price to be sure someone shoot at him?

(Piotr Leusten) #2

If I want someone dead, I make the kill right free. Works pretty well.

(Black Pedro) #3

The problem with making it free is the target can clear them easily with an alt and disposable ship.

Therefore, I usually set a killright in the 5-20M range. It sort of depends who it is and what they fly, but something like that isn’t too much for a random passerby to take a shot at them, and if the target does choose to clear it, at least you got some compensation.

If the target is a criminal though, I wouldn’t bother. They are already a free target to shoot so no one is going to pay your for the privilege.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #4

I racked up some kill rights a while back, lets just say undocking from jita 4-4 in an empty hauler got rid of them quickly. I think I did most of the free ones in a shuttle with an alt.

So <5mil they will probably just clear it on their own if they want it gone

5-20m you probably get your money as someone will take the shot.

more than that, well they probably aren’t flying anything big enough to make it worth it, and/or if they are people will probably think it’s a trap and not go for it.

my personal view is that kill rights aren’t a very useful mechanic. The whole be a space bounty hunter sounds pretty cool so they leave that kinda thing in game though.

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