Boosters to "hotbar" why not? (One less window open, frequent complains on tight interface.)

Probably brought up multiple times in the past…
…What if you could drag boosters in to the hotbar?
This would save up screen space & wouldn’t really give any edge for being quicker to use. Opinions? Why yes? Why not? Also appreciate my 1 minute paint work please!

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Drones to hotbar as well

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That would be awesome too.
Even to have the option to bind “keys” for commands to engage and return to drone bay. But that is something i understand, many agreeing to not being a good idea because then it gets closer to MOBA style of gaming or something.

Well at the moment i have to press ctrl+f to release drones then f to attack, then ctrl+r to return. seems to work ok. but would like to be able to drag drones to hotbar and control them individually or group them like i can with guns. they could simply return to drone bay automatically if their target dies and i dont assign a new one. and then i can have the option to enable or disable that function. but lets be honest this is too much common sense for CCP :slight_smile:

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