Abandon drones

I would personally like to have abandon drones key to eve. It would be really good in PvP situations. But of course without the key abandoning drones is little bit slower. Another thing could be that right click on your capacitor would have the abandon drones option in the menu like now it has reconnect to lost drones. These are my thoughts about it.


Okay, it took me a second to realize what you were talking about. Maybe you should try posting before you smoke.

Anyway, OP wants an abandon drones hotkey, like discussed in the linked thread.

I love hotkeys, so I’m for it. However, in order to prevent players from accidentally abandoning drones, CCP should probably leave it unset by default. And then the players that want to use it can set their own hotkey.

I also want a hotkey for looting wrecks and assigning drones (you could have it work by automatically assigning to the squad leader or top name in your watchlist, or something).

Also, why do we have hotkeys for the character creator, but not for things like looting wrecks?

New forum user so didn’t find if there was already post about the same abandon drones shortcut key. Like untarget/ untarget all are keys which you have to find / make yourself

3 years old, so you wouldn’t have known… but i had a hard time seeing what you were asking for to when you were saying keys and not hot keys… snoop really has a hold on you :smiley:

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