Drones: Quality of Life Request

Please allow us to recall SELECTED drones with a hotkey. I believe this functionality exists with carriers already. You could even use the same (recall selected fighters) hotkey, since carriers can’t use drones, and nothing else can use fighters.

So the button in the “selected items” window is too difficult to find, or just too lazy to click on it?

Has nothing to do with ‘difficult to find’ or ‘lazy.’ It has to do with ‘wanting hotkey.’

If wanting a hotkey for this is ‘lazy,’ then all the other hotkeys are lazy too, so remove them.

Most if not 99% of the hotkey in game is literally for one single click action.

Your absurdity is just the same as him.

Add one more hot key hurt no one. Maybe even be a QoL change.

Can the engine handle it though?

Sometimes those of us who actually use drones dont want to be clicking all over the place to do something I can easily hit a key to do. Like I have hotkeys for orbit, keep at distance and approach. I have hotkeys for all of my active shield, weapons, armor items. And I have hotkeys for changing my UI tabs.

But I play on a gaming keyboard so hotkeys are nice.

Personally I hate clicking on anything, drones or no drones. I hotkey everything I can. I have hotkeys for dock, undock, activating every separate module, etc.


Exactly. If I could run the game without using my mouse I would.

It’s fascinating how a simple request can degenerate so quickly into insults and name calling.

All the OP did was ask for a teeny tiny feature. Why not just reply “I don’t think this is a good idea” and leave it at that?

Rudeness is immature and not necessary.


Why you calling him a carebear when…

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It is another bitter vet sitting on an alt forum account, who probably doesnt even play anymore. I would just ignore them and move on.

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Yeah, I was thinking what does hotkeying have to do with carebearism? If anything you’d think pros (not that I am one) would tend to be hotkey freaks where as low-skill carebears would be pointing and clicking at everything.

please allow drones to focus fire. even with focus fire I have 5 drones targeting multiple enemies. All so why not an AI like Autotarget missiles where they go after the closest target/size relevant target, real tired of my being in a swarm of frigates and I have to tell my light drones not to go after that battleship 60kms away.

If you have a ship targeted, and you tell the drones to ‘engage’ (I have that command hotkeyed too), they will engage that particular target. That’s how to stop them from engaging multiple targets, far away targets, wrong targets, etc.

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Because drone automation is intentionally dumb like that. You want full control of your drones, manage them manually.

As to the rest of you. Yes, I’m a bitter vet. You’d be bitter to if you’d watched the decline of this fame since CCP Seagull took over.

Not even sure why I still play it. Obviously all you shits in this forum want to destroy one of the only remaining games with any sort of challenge.

Just can’t wrap my head why any of you play a game that most if you apparently hate.

Hotkeys destroy nothing, you’re just a nut. It doesn’t make the game a challenge to have to mouse click everything, it just gives carpel tunnel syndrome for no good reason. This game is full of hotkeys. Every game is.

If you think it is good game play to fight the user interface, go play Starcraft 1.

I think you are the one who hates it. I on the other hand like it just fine.


Hot keys make it easier to bot, so no.

Fine, remove all hotkeys then, and lets cater the game around bot-denial rather than human players.

I’m all for that. Whatever helps get rid of bots.

lock target then " f " key

Shout out for CCP making mining drones mine using the ‘F’ “Engage” key. Last patch. Impressed me.